Α yoυпg mother gave birth пatυrally iп the water at home


Having a photographer at the birth of a child is not unheard of these days. Birth images are a lovely keepsake of one of a mother’s most unforgettable moments. Kathy Rosario, a Florida-based family photographer, documented the emotional moment her close friend gave birth to her third child, a baby girl, at home using water.

Photographer said: “To me, there is nothing more amazing than watching a woman give birth, and when it’s in the comfort of her own home it feels even more special. It was pure bliss and tranquility as we waited for the baby’s arrival. I have photographed quite a few births already, but nothing quite compared to the serenity of a home water birth!”

Mothers are the most amazing beings on Earth! Look at the priceless photos for yourself and see how incredible the human body can be!

Time to have a baby!

Here you can see how she prepares for her home water birth by getting into the tub and breathing through her contractions.

Moments before birth

Contractions are coming on strong and labored popsicles are all she needs! She made them herself 🙂

There’s something enthralling about the birth process. Birth and the tale of birth have captivated humans for as long as we can remember, despite the agony and raw edge. It’s no wonder, therefore, that images of birth and newborn newborns pique our interest and instill a sense of quiet delight, even if the visuals are upsetting.

That moment…Miracle of life

Baby’s first breaths of life, like a mommy, pull her out into the world!

It’s a GIRL!!!

Mommy just found out she had a girl, after having 2 boys! Pure bliss.

With over 98 percent of births in the US occurring in a hospital setting, according to data from the CDC, it’s understandable that most Americans have never witnessed a water birth – so Ms. Rosario’s photo series is both emotional and enlightening.

Look at that smile on mommy’s face! She finally has her little girl 🙂

Women are Super Heroes

Breastfeeding is the best gift a mother can give her child, liquid gold!

Shot over the course of two hours, the collection of photos documents the woman’s labor pains, the baby’s delivery, and the sweet moments of bonding right after the newborn comes into the world.

Water births are also not recommended if there are any foreseen complications like if the baby is in breach, the birth involves multiples, or if the baby is especially big or premature.

Still, Ms. Roasio said that seeing how serene her friend’s water birth was made her wonder why so many women without complications still elect to give birth in the hospital. She did note, though, that it is still important to have a trained midwife and a backup plan for emergencies.


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