56-year-old sυrrogate mother gives birth to three daυghters


A 56-year-old woman has become the oldest woman to give birth to triplets – but they are actually her grandchildren. Jaci Dalenberg acted as a surrogate mother for her daughter, Kim, who battled with infertility after a hysterectomy, and has given birth to three babies, each weighing less than 3lbs, a minute apart. The three girls – Ellie, Gabriella, and Carmina – were delivered by emergency Caesarean and rushed to intensive care but all three have pulled through.

During her first marriage, 36-year-old Kim Coseno gave birth to a son and daughter. But when she remarried Joe, he wanted to have kids, too. The only issue was, Kim was no longer able to conceive. But the mother-of-two was unable to conceive after she had a hysterectomy to treat cysts and fibroids seven years before. The desperate couple went through two failed adoptions and considered surrogacy and adopting from abroad before Jaci stepped in.

Doctors at Cleveland Clinic, where Jaci and Kim had IVF, said that Jaci was in perfect shape for her age The hospital manager had been researching surrogacy and was confident she could carry a baby despite her age. Kim underwent IVF at Cleveland Clinic, where eggs from her remaining ovary were fertilized by Joe’s sperm. It sounds completely unheard of, but in 2012, Emily Jordan’s 53-year-old mother carried her children for her. They say mothers and daughters have a special bond, and I think these two families prove that.

It took three attempts before Kim’s eggs were successfully implanted in her mother’s womb, on 5 April this year. But the drama was far from over as an ultrasound 10 weeks into the pregnancy revealed three babies, rather than the expected one. Then, on 11 October, two months before the due date, Jaci was forced to have an emergency cesarean because one of the twins was starving in the womb.

Jaci told Closer magazine: ‘When the babies were born, I had been ecstatic. The toughest part was departing them within the hospital after I was launched four days following the birth. She added: ‘I don’t seem like I wish to look after the babies myself. ‘I have previously elevated four beautiful kids. ‘My here we are at parenthood has ended. I’m their gran and that i don’t have any intends to be pregnant again!’

Kim stated: ‘It’s the most wonderful factor any mother could do on her daughter. ‘Of course, we’ll tell all of the women the way they were born – I would like them to be aware what an amazing factor their grandmother did for all of us. ‘I would like them to understand how special they’re and all sorts of regarding their unusual begin in existence.’


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