A Joυrпey of Coυrage: Gavyп’s Remarkable Tale from Birth to Age Foυr

Joseph and Victoria Silvestri learned when they were five months pregnant that their son Gavin would be different. With frequent consultations with specialists, they were fully prepared for the birth of an unusual baby.

Gavin – the baby with the huge face

Gavin and his father

Gavin was born on February 1, 2018. At 46 centimeters tall, he weighed just over 3 pounds, which is quite normal. Except that the baby’s face was enormous in size. This peculiarity attracted the attention of journalists, and several major media outlets wrote about the unusual child at once. The boy’s popularity quickly grew, and thousands of people began to subscribe to his social networking page (which his parents created). Many of them not only followed the life of Gavin, but also offered their help.


Immediately after birth, the baby was prescribed many medical procedures to determine the cause of the feature and stop further facial enlargement.

As it turned out, Gavin’s face enlarged due to a lymphatic abnormality. And it would take quite a long time to normalize his size…

Gavin Now

Gavin Silvestri Now

The boy is now four years old. He is growing up to be a very bright and hardworking child. He recently enrolled in preschool where he is making great progress and his teachers are praising him.

The child’s face is still larger than normal, but gradually it is becoming normal.

One day Gavin will have to part with his specialness, becoming a “normal child.” And his parents are doing everything they can to bring that day closer. And the way he was as a child will remain only on virtual pages on the Internet.

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