Ancient Tribe’s Ancestor on an Unusual Chair Bridges Communities with the Ghost World

In the remote region of Αѕeki in Papua New Guinea, within the village of Koke, there exists a unique sight perched high above the village. On a cliff, sheltered by a small overhang, sit the mummified bodies of several deceased members of the Αոɡа clan. These mummies hold a significant role in the community, particularly in their ability to bridge the gap between the physical world and the realm of spirits.

One such mummy is Moimango, a former shaman and warrior whose body had suffered from the relentless forces of nature over the past few decades. However, through the efforts of scientists and researchers, Moimango’s body has been restored using materials sourced from the surrounding jungle. This restoration process has not only preserved the physical form of Moimango but has also allowed his spiritual presence to continue aiding the community.

Ronald Beckett, a professor emeritus and bioanthropologist at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, played a crucial role in understanding the ancient practice of creating smoked mummies. His research shed light on the intricate techniques employed by the tribe in preserving and preparing their deceased ancestors for the afterlife.

The smoked mummies, including Moimango, hold great significance within the Αոɡа clan. They are believed to possess powerful connections to the spiritual realm and act as intermediaries between the living and the spirits of the ghost world. The souls of the deceased are thought to reside within these mummified bodies, and the community seeks their guidance, protection, and blessings.

The village of Koke lies in a remote area surrounded by the highlands, which have seen an influx of outsiders due to gold mining, and the coast, which maintains contact with the outside world through its ports. Despite these external influences, the ancient traditions and beliefs of the Αոɡа clan remain resilient, with the mummified ancestors continuing to play an essential role in the spiritual and cultural life of the community.

The presence of the mummies serves as a constant reminder of the rich history and profound connection between the living and the spirit world. The communities in the Αѕeki region strive to preserve their ancestral practices and honor their predecessors through the veneration of the mummified ancestors. As these communities navigate the complexities of modernization, they find solace and guidance in the enduring presence of their extraordinary ancestors, who sit on their unusual chairs atop the cliffs of Koke, bridging the divide between the physical and spiritual realms.

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