BTS Reveals Their Age They Want To Get Married

Dating or getting married is welcome news for anyone, but if you’re a celebrity, the problem is more awkward. Especially, if you are at the peak of your career, these things can seriously affect the career of not only that idol but also their entire group.

Because of this awareness, BTS members are always cautious and seem less open to issues related to dating or marriage. But there are also rare occasions when BTS frankly gives their opinion about dating or marriage in the future. In particular, once, the members also expressed their thoughts on the age that they think is suitable for marriage.

Here is what the BTS members shared and you may be surprised by this information:

Marriage is one of the rare things mentioned in Kpop. Often, famous stars release dating or marriage news that will shσck public opinion and even lead to harsh criticism. But in recent years, the fact that idols date or get married has received a more open view from fans. Some couples even received a lot of blessings from fans.

Of course, that’s a positive sign because even as idols, in the future, they need to live like a normal person and have a small family of their own. BTS too, at an appropriate age, will find the person they love for life, that’s when we bless them.

With active activities as solo artists as well as some members who are in the m̷i̷l̷i̷t̷a̷r̷y̷, perhaps marriage is not what BTS is thinking about right now. However, even though they are famous artists with millions of fans, BTS members also have plans and thoughts about when they start to build a small happy family of their own.

Therefore, when asked about this issue, the members shared openly. They make predictions about the age at which they think they will be ready to start getting married.

And surprisingly, for some, it seems that age is approaching!

First, when Jin received this question, he revealed that he would get married at the age of 31. But it seems that at the time Jin replied, he didn’t think time would päṩṩ so quickly and he didn’t think he was in the army at that time.

It seems that Jin will have to push back his ďệäďline for at least another 5 years as he still has a lot of plans when it comes to his comeback with BTS.

Next is RM, who also thinks like Jin when he wants to get married at the age of 32-33. Perhaps many years ago, RM did not think that his career would be as busy as it is now, so he soon thought of having a small family. But it seems that now he wants to devote more to the arts.

In tvN’s The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge not long ago, RM even showed his change of mind at the moment. RM admits he’s even scared at the thought of getting married.

RM explained, “First of all, marriage is pretty scary for me…I’m not sure. I think it’s very long, promise and swear eternity with one person ‘Can something like that happen in my life?’ In the past, I thought it was one of the natural processes, I chose to live an unusual life. A sudden thought for the first time a few years ago..’Maybe I’m not getting married?!’ Can you get out of control because you have that thought once?”

Meanwhile, SUGA said the choice to get married at the age of 35 – which is about 5 years from now. I think SUGA’s goal has a better ďệäďline than Jin and RM’s but if he wants to achieve it, he has to be faster because he’s very busy with his solo career and then the years to come. m̷i̷l̷i̷t̷a̷r̷y̷ service.

In contrast to the above members, j-hope gave an unbelievable answer, which is that he will get married when he is 100 years old. If so, will he be the oldest groom to enter the aisle? Even if he wants to get married at that age, there are plenty of fans who will be willing to wait for him at the aisle.

Next, the maknae line has a variety of options for the age of marriage. Jimin is similar to SUGA, choosing to get married at the age of 35-36 while V chooses to get married at the age of 30 – pretty early like Jin or RM. In the end, Jungkook chose to get married at the age of 100 like j-hope and we have 2 members who will forever belong to ARMY.

But all the members are enjoying life the way it is, so whenever marriage happens, it happens!

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