Digging the tunnel, 4,500-year-old remains were discovered resting in the pot.

Two strange ancient tombs containing human remains and many valuable artifacts were accidentally discovered by researchers during a survey of a road tunnel construction site in England.

The special thing is that this road tunnel project goes through the land right next to Stonehenge – England’s famous 5,000-year-old stone circle. According to The Guardian, archaeologists hope that two sets of mysterious remains will help decode some of the long-standing mystery about Stonehenge.

Adult grave with many strange burial items - Photo: WESSEX ARCHAEOLOGY

Adult grave with many strange burial items – Photo: WESSEX ARCHAEOLOGY

Archaeologists from the Wessex Archeology company, in charge of surveying around the proposed road tunnel, discovered two named tombs. In many localities in the UK, preliminary inspection by archaeologists is a mandatory step before carrying out any construction project, because this country is an archaeological “mecca”, with many ruins. valuable from a series of civilizations from the stone age to modern times.

The two ancient tombs belong to an adult and a child, both about 4,500 years old. So they lived 500 years after Stonehenge was built. They were buried in a unique way and their extreme proximity to the stone circle is said to have a special significance.

According to Daily Mail, the first remains are of an adult, buried with countless valuable burial items, such as pottery, flint, red deer antlers, a small pot, copper awl and even a piece of shale. strangely placed on top of an object like a staff.

The pot containing the child - Photo: WESSEX ARCHAEOLOGY

The pot containing the child – Photo: WESSEX ARCHAEOLOGY

The second ancient tomb contained the intact remains of a child, resting inside a bronze pot. This simple grave may be due to the age of the child.

Further south, scientists found a number of unusual C-shaped grooves, whose use remains unclear. They are like strange ditches with a large amount of flint inside.

The mysterious Stonehenge monument – Photo: LIVE SCIENCE

This road tunnel project aims to divert traffic underground, leaving the highway running close to the Stonehenge monument on the ground for pedestrians. All excavated artifacts will be returned to the local museum.

Source: https://nld.com.vn/khoa-hoc/dao-ham-phat-hien-hai-cot-4500-tuoi-an-nghi-trong-chiec-noi-20210206…

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