Jungkook Proves His Massive Popularity With Impressive Livestream Viewers

The Only Time BTS Jungkook's Friendship Got Turned Down - Koreaboo

He breaks the internet whenever he goes live!


Earlier today, BTS‘s beloved maknae Jungkook once again treated fans to an unexpected livestream, where he entertained with stories about ghostsJimin, and all sorts of other topics.

The livestream quickly attracted tons of viewers, and what Jungkook had initially planned to be a quick morning stream turned into a two-hour chat with fans!

During the length of the stream, in fact, he brought so many viewers into the stream that, by the time it ended, he had surpassed the ten million mark.

To just have ten million fans is a huge number, but to have that many people tune in to watch a casual morning stream just because you’re so enjoyable to watch is proof of just how many people love Jungkook!

Unsurprisingly, he also trended online along with his livestream.



His reaching ten million viewers during his livestream became the topic of a forum post, and the comments are flooded with fans continuing to express their adoration for the BTS maknae.


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