Look what would happen if two Galaxies collide ?

When Two Galaxies Collide at Light Speed - Universe Sandbox 2 - YouTube

We’re checking out the only game where when everyone else is trying to see how many fortnight guys they can kill with one sniper bullet we’re seeing how many Earth’s it takes to stop the orbit of Uranus its universe sandbox to this glorious pinwheel of death is the Milky Way galaxy universe sandbox 2 just added galaxies to their abilities which means that today we’re gonna get to kill more of life than I think has ever been done in any video game ever made typically billions of people die in every universe sandbox 2 video but this time we’re doing things on a galactic scale galaxies are like the tortoises of outer space.

What happens when galaxies collide?

they don’t move very fast so right now we’re moving at four hundred and ten thousand years a second everyone’s always worried about what happens when another galaxy hits our galaxy and today we’re going to be making all kinds of galaxies hit one another I never thought I’d be launching a galaxy at another galaxy look everyone it’s the Andromeda galaxy which looks) like it could beat the hell out of our galaxy in a fist fight because of the size difference I’m gonna go ahead and thrust this galaxy it our galaxy and see what happens luckily when a galaxy is moving fast enough we can go ahead and hit the gas a little bit here all right Milky Way you’ve been sitting around collecting dust for far too long the Andromeda.

When Two Galaxies Collide at Light Speed - Universe Sandbox 2 - YouTube

Galaxy is coming to be dead-ass actually surprised at how fast I have to make this thing moved across space like it’s coming in for a freakin landing over here in the Milky Way wow normally my aim sucks but we’re pretty much coming down for a direct hit I’m gonna go ahead and slow things down a little bit because quite frankly I’ve never had two galaxies try and slap one another so this is the very first galactic fistfight that’s ever happened inside of a videogame you really need to turn the trails on over here to get an understanding it’s like a glorious toilet bowl of flushed galactic particles just the tips are touching it doesn’t really look that bad I don’t know maybe the distance is a lot farther than I would think it would be it’s possible that the Milky Way is kind of getting stretched like taffy but you know we might still be alright alright they may be starting to get a little too cozy at this point now the Milky Way is just being absorbed by the Andromeda galaxy nevermind how’s wrong they went their separate directions they’re both completely screwed they don’t have any of the of the previous form that they had before you can remove the black hole in the
Milky Way galaxy okay oh that sucks for the Milky Way yeah looks like black holes turned out to be pretty important because you know without them you get flung across the entirety of the universe Andromeda you uh you think your ass is getting away scot-free must be crazy yeah the particles they managed to put this game is amazing I want to shoot a galaxy through another galaxy at the speed of light random spiral galaxies sure that is a gorgeous looking galaxy it’s too bad it has to die launch it speed of light why is there like a laser beam going from one galaxy to another galaxy is this something that’s supposed to happen light speed is not that fast when you’re dealing with galactic sizes one galaxy slapping another galaxy at like speed beat that ass baby I kinda it’s kind of impressive because normally black holes end up screwing each other over okay not sure what that is that’s probably all of the different planets and stuff smashing into one another causing a bunch of darkness oh you have to speed you have to speed things up but when you do that’s when you see the damage that throwing a galaxy through another galaxy does look at what happened to the Milky Way part of it just ripped off went into a different direction and then it got ejected into the other side of the universe okay I’ve got to put like four or five different galaxies surrounding each other like a battle royale of galaxies and see who wins okay some galaxies.

What Happens When Galaxies Collide? | Space

You can barely see some of them are grievously overpowered there’s a galaxy over here that’s the size of a friggin Mini Cooper compared to all this got big brother Andromeda looking to take fools down speed things up now in order to get any kind of movement you got to get up to about 700,000 years per second so um I think we’re all gonna be alright for the most part I realized that eventually our galaxy will run into another galaxy but you know we’ll all be dead okay I think I know which galaxy the ruler is this big-ass thing is pulling everything toward it when you turn the trail’s on you really get to see it but not like an amoeba it’s going to get the opportunity to absorb everything else it is pulling this galaxy look at the pieces going flying that’s got to be a big-ass black hole I don’t know anything about these galaxies I just have fun in this game but watching the galaxy get visibly disassembled by another galaxy it’s pretty hot when you know that you’re a fan of space when your idea of a good time is watching one galaxy rip another galaxy to shreds you can’t even turn the trails on because it just looks like a bunch of lightsabers fighting with one another there goes the Milky Way galaxy that’s pretty much gone I don’t think there’s anything left it was in trauma to what’s left of Andromeda I think there may be a black hole left in there I’m really not sure and the victim IC 1101 got a cool the glowing globe of anger even though it’s lost a lot of its particulates is still looking pretty powerful and pretty angry it just has a lot more forward movement right now want to see if it holds together I’m gonna move things now we’re at 16 million years a second this might be a good idea to see if it does in fact simulate the Milky Way like dying over time as suns and stuff burn out after I do this.

What Happens When Galaxies Collide? | Astronomy.com

I’m gonna make a galaxy that’s just massive and I’m gonna put like 20 Milky Way galaxies around it and see what happens all right there yeah the Milky Way galaxy diffuses over time now we’re at gajillions of years per second understand all right so Milky Way is looking pretty good everything’s fine.

What happens after two galaxies collide? | Socratic

It’s wife hasn’t left it yet hasn’t turned to alcoholism it hasn’t started abusing opioids and stuff like that starting to move time along a little bit though and the center is like looking a lot less impressive over time I’m gonna keep moving it here you can see as all the stars I assume get older it mentioned that all the older stars are orange in color and all the better younger stars before they’ve been jaded and broken by lives of sadness are the blue stars right so 16 million years a second enough isn’t enough yet about 32 million years a second nope still around about 63 million years a second every once in a while it fires off a chunk lit but still surviving 120 million years a second I’m still there at this point it’s kind of difficult to watch there we go the middle got destroyed right at about a lot of years a second and our creamy Center has been reduced to a black nothingness and then right about here it just completely disintegrates we’re gonna go ahead and bring this radius way I’m only gonna give it one spiral arm so it’s like a giant whip slapping all of the other galaxies I would just like to point out that the black hole that has to hold this thing together has whatever number that is of mass of the Sun this is a pathetic the Milky Way yes I’m gonna be putting Milky Way’s all over the place here all right baby don’t disappoint me I want to see all these milky ways in shambles you thought you could come to this game and live a life of happiness your ass must be crazy we turn off the trails here so that we can actually see what’s going on it’s the first time that I’ve had any slowdown because um you know there’s about a gajillion particles on the screen right now it is kind of weird because there’s no arm there’s only the one single spiral arm so there’s really nothing else going on it’s buzz sawing the Milky Way’s the are starting to join okay two of them just hit against one another and are gone now and those two milky ways evaporated this is what’s left of them when they hit it’s like wow those old kung fu movies where 30 ninjas are surrounding Bruce Lee and they’re all trying to see who wants to attack first here we go to other Milky Way’s getting too close that is awesome what’s interesting is that this galaxy isn’t really destroying anyone all the Milky Way’s are just causing their own self-destruction never mind that one Milky Way just got absorbed another Milky Way just got obliterated that means there’s only really three Milky Way’s that are in one piece left to be fair it’s taken this many years to get to this point they all seem to have lost their center as well so I think that the galaxies are what like dying on their own anyway just due to time yeah the other Milky Way galaxies just aged out this galaxy just lasted longer and shortened shear time however all things must eventually come to a head it’s galaxies like there’s no more Milky Way should be greater love you anymore I’m going home what’s wild is one of the things that you can do with the galaxies is mess with all of the abilities so like what happens if you just take the mass like you leave the radius the way it is but you just start making the galaxy a higher and higher mass yeah everything gets freakishly hot hold on what happens if you get going like eventually everything would turn into a black hole or something right isn’t that what should happen if the if the density of all the planet system what the hell is happening in the middle hold on we’ve got a little bit of turbulence in the middle okay looks like an egg basically like like the yolk of an egg what’s happening is it’s starting to draw in everything else because the density is so high and you have little bits of galactic exhaust that’s coming out make this even more more mass come on baby what do you got for me there we go I have no idea what’s happening right now because the mass is so I but we have diffused the galaxy yet again what happens if you put a galaxy next to a galaxy we’re the masses that hi I just want to know so I’m gonna put another Milky Way in here I’m curious to see like you know if it has any issues with this or if it’s for the most part fairly happy with its new place in life it doesn’t look like anything bad as a bidet nope never mind something bad is really happening right now it’s being turned into rings like Saturn level rings except where it’s the entire Milky Way that’s doing.

What Happens When Galaxies Collide? | Astronomy.com

It it’s due to the black hole size which is that many Suns more Milky Way’s more milky way’s all that’s left is the yolk oh we’re creating a new galaxy with all the particles it just takes many many milky ways in order to do it how many milky ways must be sacrificed so that we can have a brand new galaxy better than the old one they go they’ve got a brand new galaxy everything’s fine everyone’s happy again we did it saving life hey folks hope you enjoyed this episode of universe sandbox。

Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies Collision Simulated | Video - YouTube

I love galaxies anyway so the next time stay foxy too much love。

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