NASA’s Weber discovered a complex network of gas and dust in nearby galaxies

Astronomers Astounded by Intricate Networks of Gas and Dust in Nearby Galaxies Revealed by NASA's Webb Space Telescope

Researchers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope are getting an unprecedented look at star formation gas and dust in nearby galaxies at infrared wavelengths the data has enabled an initial collection of 21 research papers that provide new insight into how some of our universe’s smallest scale processes the beginnings of star formation impact the evolution of our Cosmos largest objects galaxies the physics at high angular resolution in nearby galaxies pH angius collaboration which includes more than 100 researchers from around the world is conducting the largest survey of nearby galaxies in Webb’s first year of science operations Janice Lee Gemini Observatory Chief scientist at the national science foundation’s nir lab and affiliate astronomer at the University of Arizona in Tucson is leading the web observations areas which are completely dark.

NASA's Webb Discovers Complex Gas and Dust Networks in Nearby Galaxies - YouTube

And Hubble Imaging light up in Exquisite detail in these new infrared images allowing us to study how the dust in the interstellar medium has absorbed the light from forming stars and emitted it back out in the infrared Illuminating an intricate network of gas and dust said team member Karen sandstrom of the University of California San Diego Webb’s powerful infrared abilities can cut through the dust and reconnect the puzzle pieces specific wavelengthsobservable by Mary and Webb’s near infrared camera for example are sensitive to a mission from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which play an important role in Star and Planet formation Webb discovered these molecules during the first pH observations investigating these interactions at the atomic level can help shed light on the larger picture of how Galaxies have evolved over time.

Because these observations are taken as part of what’s called a treasury program they are available to the public as they are observed and received on Earth said Eva Shiner of the Max Planck Institute for astronomy in Heidelberg Germany and leader of the phngs collaboration to help the broader astronomical Community accelerate

James Webb Space Telescope's enthralling new image shows 'Phantom galaxy' in new light | Space

Discovery the PHA and GS team will work to create and release data
sets that align websative with each of the complementary data sets obtained previously from the other observatories new imagery from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope provides scientists with their first look at the fine structure of nearby galaxies and how it is influenced by the formation of young Stars NGC 1433 is a Bard spiral galaxy with a bright core surrounded by rings of double Stars For the First Time scientists can see cavernous bubbles of gas where forming stars have released energy into their surroundings in Webb’s infrared images in this Miri image the spiral arms of NGC 7496 are filled with cavernous Bubbles and shells that overlap one another these filaments and Hollow cavities are evidence of young Stars releasing energy and in some cases blowing out the gas and dust that surrounds them in the interstellar medium during the merry observations of NGC 1365 clumps of dust and gas in the interstellar medium absorb light from forming stars and emitted it back out in the infrared.


Illuminating an intricatenetwork of cavernous Bubbles and filamentary shells influenced by Young Stars releasing energy into the Galaxy’s spiral arms.

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