Scientists Say the Universe Could Stop Expanding ‘REMARKABLY SOON’ marking the end of days

      The universe will soon stop expanding

Scientists Say the Universe Could STOP Expanding ‘REMARKABLY SOON’ marking the end of days.

It all began some 13.8 billion years ago from a hot, dense, rapidly expanding state known as the Big Bang. This is the best possible theory we know of how the universe came to be, a question that has been the basis of humanity’s existential crisis from the moment we gained the ability to think.But that is only half the answer to half of the question. There is a flip side to this existential crisis. We have always been morbidly curious to not only seek the knowledge about how it all started but also how it would all come to an end.

Some think the universe will keep on expanding till it tears itself into shreds or all stars will die out causing the universe to freeze as there will be no heat. But some believe that the universe will stop expanding and begin collapsing onto itself until everything crushes itself back into a singularity. And according to scientists, this may happen sooner than you think.

Let’s find out when and how the universe will start shrinking again marking the end of days.

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