Sibling Love Unveiled: 10 Heartwarming Photos of Siblings Witnessing the Miracle of Birth

The birth of a new baby is a family affair. It’s not just the baby that is born, but mothers and fathers, too, are born – and so are big brothers and big sisters. For the children who are already here, the arrival of a sibling is a major deal. They’ve been observing mom’s growing tummy, hearing in on chats about setting up the nursery, and helping to choose the ideal name, so it makes sense that they’d be interested in how the baby is actually born.

In order to show their siblings that birth is not something to be dreaded but something to celebrate, many parents are choosing to include siblings in the birth area as the narrative surrounding birth is shifting. This touching selection of images shows just how special it can be for siblings lucky enough to be in the room where it all happens.

This big sis was thrilled to be invited into the birthing space to watch her sibling be born. She was among the first to perform skin-to-skin contact, she examined the placenta, and she encouraged her mother while she gave birth. She’ll make a great midwife, without a doubt.

A stunning capture of a stunning birth. A true team event with mom, dad and big sister working together to bring their little sister earthside. Lilly, a tiny midwife, was there for her momma through it all as she labored in a birth tub. Lilly got to touch her little sister as she was being born and helped momma guide her out safely.

Sharing moments of a family-centered birth is pivotal. When asked if they loved their young brother so much, the three older sisters said that they did, she said “in a smothering kind of way!” A blessed family indeed!

Big brother Armi was at baby sister Aria’s birth, and their mother had some inspiring thoughts following her birth. She said: “I love that our son Armi was at Aria’s birth. That he saw the way his father cared for me. He witnessed the strength of the feminine. He saw the highest form of magic – creating life. He felt the sacredness of the moment, the reverence of it all.”

I know that his presence at her birth will forever alter the way he views life, and this for me is priceless.”

That first meeting between siblings is so special. Just moments after his delivery, the big sister arrived to welcome her new baby brother as her mother emerged from the toilet.

Big siblings make the best helpers when it comes to cleaning baby up and doing all the measurements. This big sister was right in on the action, not letting their new baby sister out of sight.

It’s a proud moment when you can introduce your first born to their sibling.

Such a beautiful family-centered birth! The siblings participated in every step of the process, from assisting the mother during labor to cutting and burning the cord.

The birth of a new baby sibling can be a magical day for an awestruck big sister or brother. The sweet babe in this gallery happened to be born when the sun was up and so her older siblings were awake and at the ready.

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