Special abdominal conjoined twins, and 30 doctors to the rescue.

30 toilets work for 15 hours without pay to save the lives of some twins


The medical team of a Hospital in India has captivated everyone on the networks after having performed a complex surgery to separate conjoined twins, and all for free.

The parents of the little girls did not have the money to carry out the operation, but the medical team knew that it was vital to be able to carry out this procedure as soon as possible in order to save the lives of both.

The babies were born in the city of Varanasi, in northern India.


The babies, who still have no name, were born joined at the stomach. Their livers and breastbones were attached in such a way that they required a very delicate operation in order to ensure the highest possible quality of life.

Their parents were extremely concerned since it was a high-risk operation, but the medical team guided them step by step and convinced them that it would be the best for their little girls.

At the time of birth the weight of both babies added up to just 3 kilos.

The operation took place on December 6 when the twins were only three days old. They were very weak, but thanks to the excellent work of a team of 30 professionals, everything went as planned.

“It has been one of the most complicated operations performed in our hospital. It was quite a challenge.”

The team consisted of 5 surgeons, 10 doctors and 15 nurses and they were all truly exhausted when the painstaking procedure was over. But greater than the fatigue was the joy that the operation went as expected.

“I’m very happy. The two managed to survive despite being a long operation and how weak they were.

The doctors assure that the little ones will be able to be discharged this week and will be able to reunite with their family. Their parents look forward to the return of the little ones so they can name them through a ceremony.

The operation lasted more than five hours.

This operation means a real success. The birth of conjoined twins is in itself something very rare since between 40% and 60% of cases of conjoined pregnancies culminate in failed pregnancies. Another 35% of cases usually survive just one day after birth.

The team of surgeons celebrated their success with a selfie at the end of the operation.

It is estimated that the operation could have cost the parents of the conjoined twins more than $300,000.

We greatly appreciate the work of all the doctors who made up this excellent team and we hope that the family of these little ones can celebrate with them very soon in the comfort of their home.

I invite you to share this note to publicize the enormous work of doctors in performing this complex operation completely free of charge.

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