The пewborп twiпs comforted each other wheп they were pυt together


A pair of twin boys comfort each other shortly after birth. The two newborns are seen crying when they are being held close together but not touching. However once the boys have skin-to-skin contact they immediately stop crying.

These infant brothers showed only minutes after they were born that they are the happiest when they’re together. Baby boys Caleb and Weston Lyman were captured in a heartwarming scene following their birth on Feb. 25 that showed them crying before immediately calming down when a nurse moved them so that their heads were touching each other.

“Having a child in the first place is an emotional experience anyway, so seeing my boys comfort each other and seeing that they’re already friends, that was really cool,” the boys’ father, Dane Lyman, 28, told TODAY. Lyman’s wife, Lisa, 29, didn’t get a chance to witness the touching moment, so he was thankful for getting it on video as a keepsake. Caleb and Weston joined big sisters Corinne, 4, and Amelia, 1, as part of the Lymans’ growing family.

They are currently living in Orlando, Florida, while Dane completes medical school at the University of Central Florida. Only a few close family members had seen the video until Dane decided to share it on Facebook on April 1 after a great Easter weekend with family. “I was just feeling really grateful for my family,” he said. “That video makes us so happy, so I thought, let’s see if we can make someone else happy. We were hoping it would brighten people’s day the way it brightens ours.”

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