The 10 Experience Powerful Birth Photos From All Around

One of the most dramatic and overpowering experiences a woman may have is giving birth. a strong, vivid experience that evoked a wide range of emotions. Love, anguish, rage, joy, pleasure, fear, and hope are all present in your body and mind. An exceptional occurrence that, if you haven’t experienced it or witnessed it, is difficult to convey in words. Although though it might often take hours for everything to be finished, the moment a newborn infant finally sees the light of day sometimes feels like a split second. This is the rationale behind the rising popularity of birth photography. Couples from all over the world want to document these difficult moments with their complete and unadulterated visual honesty.

A some of the pictures below  are graphic! They will, however, give you a small glimpse of what it really feels like to be part of a real birth. You will be able to see and feel the beauty of Birth Photography at its best.

It gives me goosebumps thinking about it, that pure elation of getting to hold you for the first time. And I didn’t think I’d ever want to do it again, but looking back at these photos definitely makes me start to ponder. Forever grateful for all the lessons she has taught me so far and continues to teach me. I am so blessed to have had my healing birth experience. And I wish this and hold this vision for anyone that wants it.

The first day of the last month of 2022. So far, I have had the honor of watching 35 babies come to life. I will be sharing some of my favorite pictures from this year. Tell me what you think when you see them.

So many of us are not aware that we even have options in birth. We are so ingrained in believing that modern obstetric care is just the way birth is, always has been, and always will be. After her first birth, Makayla realized she had more options than simply what was offered to her by midwives and decided to take on a fully sovereign experience the second time around. From the way Makayla describes her birth, it seems that she truly got the fully autonomous experience she learned birth could be and her story is a shining example of what birth can be when we simply let it be.

Dad catching baby and announcing gender and when I showed mom this capture she said , “ got to love a baby who is looking for the camera right off the bat!” I also love that this mom chose homebirth for her 3rd baby’s birth after 2 previous hospital births and the midwife helping catch baby ? That was the moms doula who is now in the primary phase for midwifery school and one of my best friends ! Honored beyond measure to be there at this birth !

I had a consult yesterday with a mama pregnant with her first. She had asked her husband to record the sonogram so she would have the sound of their baby’s heart beat. He was so excited and overwhelmed with emotion, that he forgot to hit record. That’s what made her realize she NEEDED someone else to document their birth story

Sharing these moments of family centered birth is PIVOTAL! We are changing the narrative and taking back our birth stories. This BOY with all these sisters I asked mama if they loved him so much – she said “in a smothering kind of way”. How lucky he is

Getting to be there for repeat clients is so surreal! Same family, same birth center, same bed, but different baby and different time of day. Their first baby was born on Christmas Day and their second in the photo was one day shy of Halloween!

When you get called to one of your BFFs & most favorite back-up photographer’s births. All that prep-work paid off! But the stress of making sure your bedroom is picture perfect??? not so much baby wanted to be born in the smallest darkest room in the house!

The connection between this family absolutely took my breath away. How many of you had an older sibling attend a birth, whether at home, birth center, or hospital? Was it what you had imagined…? This older sister’s reaction was beyond anything you could ask for as a parent. I do have a couple birth story spots available for the rest of the year and would LOVE to document your story as well.

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