The boy’s broken bones were like glass, shocking the world(VIDEO)

He’s a 13 year old boy.

None of his body organs functions.

He has never spoke a single word.

He has not sitted nor stand.

He has never walked a single distance.

He doesn’t talk.

He has only been sleeping her entire life.

His body has been rotting for 13 years.

His bones are light.

He’s made of glass.

He has broken countless bonds.

Meet a boy who shocked everyone.

One of the smartest things you ever do in facing an adversity is to ask yourself who else may have this problem, and what did they do?

Ask around.

You’ll be amazed at the valuable advice that you can get from someone who has already experienced the difficulty that you are going through.

But always remember that these two shall perish, whatever it is, however difficult it may appear.

Set yourself, these two shall pass.

Ivan is now 13 years old.

He was born in 2007..

It all started when i delivered her, but during pregnancy the Ultrasound scan showed he had no problems.

But his disability came as a result of doctors carelessness.

When it was time for delivery, i went to the hospital, but doctors did not help me immediately.

Instead, they told me to wait, but i told them that the pain i’m feeling is too much.

All they said was that the pain i’m feeling is just normal, because it was my first time.

A day passed when i was screaming helped.

Doctors came, but they would just tell me to calm down that i have no problem.

But i kept screaming and screamed, but i kept on screaming

And they scanned me and found the baby’s heart stopped working.

Then they concluded that i will have a cesarean delivery and there was one doctor who was responsible for the cesarean delivery, but he was busy treating another woman.

That doctor delayed for so long and phoned when i had natural delivery.

The baby was born already but he did not cry immediately.

Baby Ivan was taken into resuscitation.

After six hours he was still not able to cry.

Later he cried and doctors handed him to me.

They said he was born tired.

The next day the child almost died and they transferred me to another hospital and doctors quickly welcomed us because it was a medical emergence case and were hospitalized.

They treated both myself and my son, but focused more on my son as to save his life.

All they told me was that the baby was going to die of hunger, that he spent some hours after he was born in coma without taking something.

We spent two weeks in a hospital after two to three months he grew up and looked adorable, but his hand still never became active.

He could not even shake his body.

I consulted some experts to help and they said he needs physical exercises because by then he was fat, though he was not too fat

But he could not even see it.

He’s a 13 year old who has spent his entire life sleeping and rotting from one place.

He does not consume any food a 13 year old can consume.

He only takes grinded food and, though is like that, he shows some appetite.

The mother says his child became like this all because of lack of accountability by doctors, but she adds that if she can get chances of meeting the exact doctors, his son might be able to start and work for the first time.

She says lack of enough money to take his boy to the hospital has kept on worsening the boy’s situation for years.

The problem kept on escalating slowly by slowly and the condition kept on being worse, and the inability to afford money for his medical care was one of the main barriers that blocked his chances of being treated, because there needed a lot of expenses to be covered.

Even the transport fair was a problem because we live a bit far from the hospital.

That means taking him to the hospital almost every day.

It costed a load.

I tried and i could take him to the hospital.

After running out of money, i stopped and left him sleeping here.

For his entire life i have always tried to have at least physiotherapy and reflexology for almost every day, and i had tried making him a chair that would help him stretch his legs while seated as a way to prepare him to make some movement.

But he grew older and left that chair.

In order for him to be able to see it, i had to tie him with some clothes holding him that he would not fail because he had no body balance.

During these 13 years my kid has never been able to sit, stand or walk by himself.

He has been sleeping since day one.

All i did was holding his arms and try make him step forward, trying to teach him to move, though do not manage it completely.

At the hospital he was given body correction exercises that would help him in straightening his body organs, more especially arms, the back and legs.

He would be given some reflexology and physiotherapy, hence teaching him how to walk.

That’s all he got from the hospital.

His bones are light.

They are not so strong.

They are made of glass.

They break easily.

He has broken countless bones.

You just can’t hold him anywhere unless you would want to break him into pieces.

Doctors told me that there are some mineral salts that can strengthen my boy’s bones, but i was not able to afford.

Doctors told me that this resulted from the brain and went on affecting other body organs as years kept passing by.


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