The photographer captured the moment of mother and newborn after underwater delivery

Monet No matter what occurs, Nicole’s images demonstrate that giving birth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. amazing pictures of underwater births. Births in water are a common choice abroad. To ensure the safety of mother and child, specific requirements must be met in order for a woman to give birth in water, such as having a specifically designed swimming pool at home or in specially prepared settings. Another prerequisite is that your gynecologist gives the go-ahead and the pregnancy is not regarded as high risk.

There are many advantages to giving birth in water. In the water, suppositories can move more freely, and the warm pool water eases discomfort. Baby’s transition to the outer world is facilitated by the aquatic environment of water, which for infants is relatively comparable to the environment in the womb. Monet Nicole works as a maternity photographer professionally. She has been to more than 700 births of women and uses her camera to record priceless moments both before and after the baby is delivered.

I try to capture power, pure beauty, and real love,” Monet stated on her blog. The photographer claims that her own delivery drastically altered her, and that nothing can equal to the moment she first saw her children.

Monet kept track of numerous underwater births. The photographer visited specially constructed homes and rooms where she took pictures of the whole family seeing the ladies giving birth in the water. Monet frequently uploads pictures of her to Instagram. She currently has more than 150k followers, and thousands of people enjoy her images.

The moment the baby is born, it is wonderful to see the little angel. So many first times with you, the first time I held you in my arms, the first time I heard you cry, the first time I saw your child’s innocent eyes when looking at the outside world. All emotions in a baby.

They met not in a fully furnished room surrounded by doctors. But the parents and children met in the lake full of water, and right in their beloved home. Under the support of Dad, who is always there when Mom and I need the most. Warm hugs from Dad when he was born.

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