The Reason Why BTS’s Translator Nicole Kim Has Just Decided To Leave HYBE After 6 Years Together

For BTS fans, it can’t be denied that in addition to the members of the group, the people who work and support BTS are also very talented and attractive characters. One of the most famous BTS staff in the fan community is Nicole Kim as the group’s translator.

Hiểu từ A-Z tiểu sử BTS và bật mí về từng thành viên BTS

However, not only as an interpreter of BTS, Nicole Kim also holds important positions at Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music and HYBE. But recently, ḳöŕệän media reported that she left HYBE after 6 years working here. Shortly after, Nicole Kim also confirmed this news and said goodbye to her old company publicly on her personal Instagram account.

This is probably sad news for many fans but the reason for Nicole Kim’s departure also causes them to congratulate her and hope she and the BTS members remain their good relationship in the future:

Perhaps any ARMY in the fan community of BTS is no stranger to the name Nicole Kim. This is one of the female staff who is famous for her role as an interpreter when appearing with BTS in all foreign schedules and always standing beside the members of the group.

However, Nicole rarely shows her face in videos or photos with BTS and often uses a mask to keep her privacy. She also makes her Instagram private and requires consent to follow. So many ARMYs are curious about how obvious her looks are.

On a rare occasion accompanying V at CELINE, fans had the opportunity to see the beauty of Nicole Kim up close. She followed V closely during the event to help him communicate with other celebrities.

Nicole wears a simple black outfit, long blonde hair, and composure make Nicole’s aura look very professional. She is also praised by ARMYs for her gentle and mature beauty.

But now, those are not the only moments where ARMYs can clearly see the talented female staff of BTS. Nicole Kim recently opened her Instagram account publicly and there are many pictures of her posted. Fans once again admired the beauty that is not inferior to the current female K-pop idols.


Along with the public opening of her personal Instagram account, Nicole Kim also reveals a major change in her career, which is leaving HYBE after 6 years of working together. Nicole Kim started her career at Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music in 2017.

Since then until the end of last year, Nicole Kim or Kim Hyunjung, was the head of creative for BTS and also the leader of Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music’s A&R group. That’s her real and powerful position, rather than being the main translator of BTS that ARMYs are so familiar with.

A&R Team stands for ‘Artists and Repertoire’. This is the Talent Search department, overseeing the recording process and a̾s̾sisting in the marketing and promotion of artists in the entertainment company. Similar to this position, Nicole Kim is often responsible for finding foreign artists to collaborate with BTS, connecting directly with other artists and record producers.

Nicole is also a direct bridge for BTS’s amazing collaborations with Charlie Puth, Max, Megan Thee Stallion, Halsey, etc. In a letter shared by Megan when she revealed the collaboration. her collaboration with BTS in Butter Remix, it also shows that it was Nicole Kim who sent the invitation on behalf of BTS.

Thanks to her kind and sḳïŀŀful personality, Nicole always helps BTS members connect and communicate with foreign artists. Max – the artist who has collaborated with BTS also once praised Nicole’s translation sḳïŀŀs and said that she is a great person when helping BTS and the artists to talk comfortably and positively.

Even so, after 6 years working at Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ Music, Nicole Kim decided to leave and move to work for… in the same position. This is an äṃệŕïċän record label, owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Since their debut until 2021, BTS is also known to distribute music products through this record label. However, at the end of 2021, HYBE confirmed the end of its contract with Sony Music and joined Universal Music Group (UMG).

Now with a new role, Nicole Kim will no longer support and accompany BTS members in future projects. Along with the difference in music distribution companies abroad, it is difficult to make a connection at work.

In her official farewell letter to her position at HYBE, Nicole Kim also mentioned joining the company from 2017 and officially ending her contract on December 16, 2022. As of May this year, she will officially work for Sony’s US office.

Although Nicole Kim’s pa̾s̾sing makes ARMYs regret for her great support of BTS in the past, many also sympathize with her finding new growth environments. ARMYs sent many thanks and wishes to Nicole Kim:

– Congrats and thankyou for all this time and already taking care of Jin

– Wish you all the best!

– Omg Nicole all the best for your future!

– Congratulation Nicole!!! Goodluck on your new job!!!

– Wow, I remember when she joined then-BigHit. It seemed like a great addition. I wish her well

– Wishing u best of luck for Ur new journey and thank you for taking care of our tannies

– Good job Nicole 

– we loved your work in big нιт and army says thank you to your effort and for all these years of greatness, wish you the best in Columbia Nicole!

– Armys are so grateful for your work. You’re the best.

– Thankyou for everything Nicole

– All the best for the new endeavors!

– Love you Nicole, thanks for everything enjoy this new chapter of your life 

– Thank you for everything. Hope all the best for you 

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