The Webb Telescope has detected an object very deep in space and proved that our universe has no end.

When some scientists took a closer look at recent Webb images, they found that some of the galaxies were not only larger and more organized, but surprisingly they started forming stars earlier, making current theories more suspicious.Here’s what astronomers say about this unexpected discovery,

Researchers, on the other hand, claim that in the recent image obtained from the Webb telescope, they found some early galaxies also contain large amounts of heavy elements that are not possible with their age according to our current model.Scientists detected elements heavier than helium and hydrogen, such as carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. The amazing fact is that our Sun is 4 billion years old, and most of its heavier metals are inherited from previous generations of stars, which took about 8 billion years to form.So how is it possible that within just 1 billion years the stars in a galaxy begin to form heavy elements? Such questions have plagued scientists ever since the Webb telescope began its scientific mission.

But the real problem is that some scientists are saying that the early universe in the Webb images doesn’t look that different from our current universe. So, if in the future when Webb probes more deeply into the early universe and finds similar galaxies and stars there, it will surely be a big problem in astronomy.

Even the early data from The Webb Telescope say, we may have already observed the possible distances, and what Webb found is completely identical to our current universe. In a research paper, astronomers are claiming that the Webb telescope has discovered galaxies with a red shift of 20 that are older than the Big Bang.

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