This is the only man to marry three women and later divorce them all on the same day, then stop getting married, remain single and spend days playing with young children(VIDEO)

They’ll match everybody.

But what happened to his three wives?

What did they do?

That annoyed him to the extent that Letting Go was the only solution in this industry.

I have covered many stories related to Monokuma’s family from Uganda’s Papa Africa, who arguably has the biggest family in Africa: 10 wives, 98 children and 568 grandchildren.

The prophet who married four wives and, the same day, the man in Kenya with 15 wives due to being a self-proclaimed genius and many more.

Our S is unique secret, which is keeping both wives happy.

But what happened to this man and why did he divorce all three wives on the same day?

We are back in Uganda, a country that never ceases to amaze us due to its beautiful, welcoming people and its extraordinary story.

We visit the smile and he tells us more of his life.

My name is, I was born from chat, my mother is around this, while my father comes from church, and I live here in Uganda.

I have 55 years of age and I’ve lived here for 34 years now.

I produced seven children on three wives: my children who grew and are not here.

These children you see here today are not mine.

They are from Neighbors and relatives.

Despite having married all three wives by now, they no longer live together.

Unlike many monogamous families were first, this one was disappointed by his wives and chasing them away.

The reason I chased them away is because of the bad behaviors at the very beginning.

They were all humble and hardworking women who were ready to build a good big family, but in the end they all started misbehaving- something that I could never tolerate, and the decision was chasing them away.

It was harsh but a decent one, as they no longer wanted to be women in the house.

He says he’s normally a family guy.

He does everything to provide, protect and make sure his family is happy and puts in more effort.

However, when you just take that for granted and despise him, he would rather not see you again.

I’m one of the hard-working persons.

I had a job and left him to be good, and both wives loved me and cooperated with each other.

That contributed to living in harmony.

However, I lost my job and started failing to provide on a regular person all the three women I had started disrespecting me and the worst of oil was cheating on me with men who had some possessions, and I couldn’t tolerate that and divorced them.

On the same day, his children grew.

Many went abroad, some are in Dubai, others in turkey and the remaining ones live here in Uganda, in the capital of Kampala, and they often visit him and spend a few days here before going back to work.

I love children and always make sure that children are on, are happy and look after them.

I have to be doing something at the end.

Now I sell some necklaces, wrist watches, bracelets and others that I sell in large quantities.

These children have their parents, but due to my love for children, I always try and do something for them, even if it’s a small art.

But when I say them happy, my heart also rejoices.

Whenever he gets money, the first thing he does is thinking about children and doing something for them.

He even provides for them regularly, and most children here call him Jaja, which means Grandpa.

I have a good relationship with their parents and they always ask blessings to me.

I would rather give everything that I have to these children and sleep hungry for the sake of seeing them happy, because when children are happy, the world is happy.

As kind as he is.

He would like to support as many people as I can, but is not that financially stable to help each and everyone.

He believes that he was created by God to help people, so whenever he is helping people, he’s fulfilling his purpose on this world.

You can see I seem to be younger than I am.

I think this is because I’ve tried supporting different communities, and it’s all doing I look healthier and younger, rewards that only God can give.

I would advise people to keep helping each other, and it doesn’t require having a lot.


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