Through the Lens of Innocence: Baby’s Charming Cheeks and Enigmatic Eyes


With a father who has a deep passion for newborn photography, the little Đặng Hoàng Bảo Anh, affectionately known as Nala, has been creating an impressive collection of adorable photographs from her early days. At just 4 months old and hailing from Lâm Đồng, this precious girl has already posed in countless cute outfits and accessories for various photoshoots.

Finalmente, Nala decidió despertarse y cooperar en la sesión de fotos con toda la familia, ¡pero sus ojos parecían estar jugando al escondite! Sin embargo, ella siguió siendo increíblemente hermosa, ¿no les parece, queridos tíos?

Nala had everyone on the edge of their seats with a series of photos capturing her in moments of yawning and sleep. Despite some seemingly grumpy looks, Nala’s pure adorableness won over the viewers.

Finally, Nala decided to wake up and cooperate in the photoshoot with the whole family, but her eyes seemed to be playing hide and seek! Nevertheless, she remained incredibly beautiful, wouldn’t you agree, dear uncles and aunts?

Nala’s mother, Mrs. Thanh Thúy, revealed, “Although Nala was very cooperative during previous photoshoots, in this particular session, she was a bit cranky because she was sleepy. She kept yawning, and at one point, even fell asleep in the chair. Fortunately, the group of parents enjoyed these moments a lot and praised her.”

Con tan solo 4 meses, Nala ya puede sentarse en una silla, mostrando curiosidad y atención. Sus ojos entrecerrados y su hermoso rostro redondo aumentan su encanto.


At just 4 months old, Nala can already sit in a chair, showing curiosity and attention. Her squinted eyes and beautiful round face add to her charm.

Mrs. Thúy also revealed that Nala weighs 9.1 kg, thanks to her healthy eating and sleeping habits. Nala exclusively breastfeeds, consuming between 250 and 300 ml per feeding, sleeps through the night, and wakes up every 3 hours.


“Our baby has been calm since she was in my womb. I didn’t have any cravings during pregnancy, just a taste for sweets, and she was healthy throughout the pregnancy. She was born naturally at 37 weeks, weighing 3.1 kg. I only had three hours of labor pain. From birth until now, she eats well and falls asleep on her own without needing me to rock her. As she grows, she continues to behave well, enjoys conversations, and loves listening to music,” shared the young and excited mother.


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