Unearthing Gold Riches: Tarnagulla Shaken by Young Father’s Exclusive $200,000 Discovery


A young father struck gold, hitting the jackpot by uncovering two substantial gold nuggets valued at almost $200,000. These natural treasures were discovered on private property in Tarnagulla, near Bendigo, north of Melbourne, with a combined weight of nearly 140 ounces.

Ray Swinnerton, Vice President of the Bendigo Prospecting Club, disclosed that he had personally met the fortunate prospector, who opted to remain anonymous for security reasons. Understandably, the prospector was delighted with the significant find.

tҺe 65-ounce tarnagulla gold nugget, one of two found Ƅy a young fɑther on his ρrivate ргoрeгtу, is worTh nearly $90,000.

the second nugget weighed 72 oᴜnces and has a street vaƖue of мoɾe tҺan $100,000.

Ray Swinnerton, Vice President of the Bendigo Prospecting Club, shared that the elated young father, upon discovering the gold, preferred to keep his identity undisclosed until he sold the findings. Swinnerton emphasized the exceptional nature of the discovery, describing it as truly remarkable.

He expressed that, for many individuals, gold mining serves as more of a recreational pursuit than a means of income. Swinnerton highlighted that the associated costs, such as the approximately $7,000 for a detector alone, indicate that this hobby is often undertaken for the love of the activity rather than financial gain.

Furthermore, he pointed out that selling the gold can be challenging due to the requirement for a license, especially when dealing with foreign buyers. Swinnerton speculated that the fortunate prospector has already sold one of the nuggets and is in the process of preparing to sell the other.

In related activities, Andrew James can be seen searching for gold nuggets in Tarnagulla.

A member of tҺe Bendigo Prospecting CƖᴜb Һandles TҺe 72 ounce nuggeT (103 oᴜnces includιng rocк)

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