“Unexpected Arrival: Woman Gives Birth in Hospital Parking Lot

Water broke on the way to hospital baby was born at 9:20 a.m., weighs 3.2 kg and m49 cm. A pregnant woman from Olimpia (SP) gave birth in a car outside the Hospital da Crianca (HCM) and marernity hospital last Monday, December 20th. The couple arrived in Rio Preto, where the birth will take place. As they pass by Bady Bassitt Avenue, the water broke, and HCM team are wary.

Baby Theo wanted to come into the world in a different way from the traditional way: he didn’t wait for his partner, Ana Carolina, to arrive in the delivery room and was born in the car, in the hospital parking lot.

Father Roger Andre Souza Mazer said, “We have a history of humanized child birth, and this is our first daughter. So we calmed down and made sure it could be born anywhere. Contractions began at 6 a.m., calm and spacious.”

“My wife, Ana Carolina Carvalho, 27 years old and calm, an expert on the subject, was at home with my mother. I went to work, and I let her know that if contractions started, she would call me, and I would immediately come pick her up and go to the hospital.”

He also said that “around 8:20 am, I picked her up at her house, and we headed towards São Jose do Rio Preto, with more intense contractions. A kilometer from the hospital, I water broke, and I stop the car to call the doctor, who I immediately go down to the parking lot with medical tea.

At the hospital gate, I stopped the car, his doctor and nurse came. With all the support and confidentiality, boy is born. The other was accompanied by the obstetrician’s tea, Fabricio de Freitas.

When asked if they feel fear, Roger replied that “we feel grateful. It’s a story told in our lie. And at all times, we are safe, without any fear.” The car enthusiast father added: “The feeling of driving a child born in a car is difficult to understand. Very helpful!” Theo, the couple’s second child, was born at 49 cm and 3.2 kg and is growing well.

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