Unveiling History: The Remarkable Truth Behind 125 Soldiers’ Remains from World War I.

125 sets of remains of soldiers who died on the Ypres battlefield in Flanders, Belgium during World War 1 were recently discovered “resting” in a German trench system. Most of these dead soldiers came from England, France and South Africa.

The remains of 125 soldiers killed in the Ypres battle that took place in Flanders, Belgium were recently discovered by experts in the battlefield area of ​​World War 1.

According to experts, the remains of soldiers who died on this battlefield come from Germany, England, France and South Africa.

Of the 125 remains discovered, about 100 were German soldiers.

Most of them were shot dead on the battlefield of the first Battle of Ypres, which took place in November 1914.

Many soldiers who died in battle more than 100 years ago were only about 15 years old.

The bodies of more than 100 soldiers were buried in a mass grave right in the German trench system.

Besides the remains of the soldiers who died in battle, experts also found some of their belongings and belongings. In the photo are the remains of a more than 100-year-old German newspaper discovered at the Ypres battlefield area in the past.

Experts have unearthed a number of hats, rifles, ammunition, lamps, water bottles, cooking utensils, coffee pots, watches… at this place.

Many artifacts were quite damaged due to being buried underground for more than a century.

Therefore, experts work carefully and meticulously to avoid damaging the antiques.

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