Welcome twiпs “Mom aпd baby are doiпg well”

In a letter to his wife Lauren Burnham, the former Bachelor said, “She is the strongest woman I know and I am so lucky to have been on this great adventure with her.” The twins, a boy and a girl, are welcomed, and mom and kids are doing well, according to bachelors Lauren Burnham and Arie Luyendyk. They got engaged in January 2019 after first meeting during his Bachelor season, and they also have a 2-year-old daughter named Alessi. In a previous gender reveal video, the couple also revealed that they will give birth to a boy and a girl in January. “We are expecting,” Arie wrote. We have known for a while and are attempting to conceal it.

As they showed fans video of their mother’s first trimester, the couple acknowledged how tough it had been to keep the pregnancy a secret. Despite going through a challenging time, Arie is afraid because of past pregnancies. However, I’m also quite pleased because I believe it will be fantastic. The couple received their lovely, healthy twins on June 11 in spite of all the challenging statements. Additionally, proud parents shared pictures of their newborn twins on social media. Arie shared a personal photo of his wife holding the newborns in her hospital bed while dressed in a hospital gown and surgical hat. I have never been more proud of my wife than I am right now, Arie declared. She is the toughest woman I’ve ever met am so lucky to be on this incredible journey with her. 2/3 of my heart is here right now. Today is bittersweet…we have to leave the hospital.

However, the sister must now remain behind. I’ve never experienced such heartbreak. Pray for our young girl, please. Shortly after giving birth, Arie shared two images of herself smiling with the twins while lying in a hospital bed. “We are proud to be the parents of a healthy baby boy and girl,” Arie posted on Instagram. Arie also posted images of Lauren cuddling with their daughter, their infant son soundly dozing, and their infant girl being cuddled by her adoring father. A similar image of the proud mother Lauren cradling the twins and another endearing image of the infants sleeping next to each other, their son seemingly holding their daughter’s hand, were also posted on Lauren’s account. “Happy first week of life, my,” she wrote sweet babies. look forward to double the diapers, double the feedings, double the hugs. Can’t wait to have both of you at home.

Just two weeks later, the twins were discharged and returned home in time for Father’s Day. The mother gave birth to twins less than two weeks ago. Lauren posted a photo of a black lingerie and matching bra with the caption: “11 days pp… just a reminder that not everyone has a flat bust back after childbirth and socᴋs. all is good. Proud of this full bellʏ even if we had to ask, ‘what could be in it?’ laugh out loud.



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