When he witnessed the moment his child was extracted from the mother’s womb, the father passed out.

Photographer captures father shocked by the birth of his son. But then he says, “That’s not why I was crying.”

This is the story of a couple who went through a very difficult pregnancy and decided to hire the photographer Kirstie Perez for the day of delivery.

Kirstie took several photographs during the ƄeƄé’s birth, including one of the ƄeƄé’s father crying.

She had felt powerless by having the woman compulsively omit for more than 285 days. He prevented her from losing 30 kg during her pregnancy because she could not feed herself due to the conditions of hyperemesis gravidarum and pre-eclaimas.

The mother was hospitalized four times while she was pregnant due to dehyration. The man always ate in the street in front of the door, since any smell could bother his wife.

After months of being there for her, he made sure to support her through her labor, as her photos demonstrate.

When the photographer told him about the image in which he appears crying over her son, he responded, getting emotional again: “I wasn’t crying about that; It’s because it’s the first time I’ve seen her smile in 10 months”.

The man continues:

“Gentlemen, understand how powerful empathy can be. Dedicated to all the mothers who have been through traumatic injuries and have managed to smile despite everything… Thank you very much for sacrificing yourself and bringing this precious child into the world. This is not easy to achieve!”

A true example of companionship towards his wife, who suffered a traumatic pregnancy. Share!

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