17 Times Taylor Swift Dressed Like Her Famous Friends

Taylor Swift dressing like friends

Taylor Swift loves borrowing from her best friends’ closets.

While the “Karma” singer is a fashionista in her own right, she has clearly been inspired by her pals’ outfits through the years.

Whether it’s copying Haim’s leather look at their concert or donning the same patriotic swimsuit as her friends at her annual Fourth of July bash, Swift knows that one thing that never goes out of style is twinning with your friend.

Recently, she’s been wearing the same pieces as her Eras Tour opening acts. Following the MTV VMAs, eagle-eyed Swifties noted that the singer’s afterparty look was the same jean dress Sabrina Carpenter previously wore on her Emails I Can’t Send Tour.

Take a look back at some of Swift’s best twinning moments with her famous friends.

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Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner Carrying the Same Louis Vuitton Bag

Taylor Swift dressing like her friends

During various appearances in N.Y.C. Swift has been spotted carrying a Louis Vuitton Camera Box bag. Lively later carried the same bag during a dinner with Swift and friends, while Turner carried the same bag in an Instagram post about the designer from July 2023.

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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s Similar Jean Jacket

taylor swift; blake lively

As Swift stepped out with Sophie Turner for a dinner in N.Y.C., fans immediately drew parallels to a similar oversized jacket Blake Lively previously donned at The Adam Project premiere.

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Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams’ Identical Gray Skort

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift wearing a Sandy Liang skort.GETTY;WAVYPETER / SPLASHNEWS.COM

In September 2023, Swift raised eyebrows as she stepped out in New York City wearing a symmetrical top and gray pleated skort following an album release party held at Electric Lady Studios. Several members of Swift’s inner circle were reportedly in attendance, including newlyweds Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley, Sadie Sink, and Gracie Abrams.

Fans noted Abrams wore the exact same Sandy Liang skort when she opened for Swift during her Eras Tour, including a concert in Tampa, Florida on April 14, 2023.

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Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter’s Identical Jean Dress

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Sabrina Carpenter and Taylor Swift wearing an EB Denim dress.SABRINA CARPENTER/INSTAGRAM;GETTY

Following her fangirl moment with *NSYNC at the MTV VMAs, Swift channeled her inner ‘90s child again as she wore a denim dress reminiscent of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s all-denim outfits at the 2001 American Music Awards.

However, Spears and Timberlake’s looks weren’t the only one she was channeling: her Eras Tour opener Sabrian Carpenter previously wore the exact same EB Denim dress during her Emails I Can’t Send Tour.

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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s Identical Blue Dress

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Blake Lively and Taylor Swift wearing a Tibi dress.GETTY; DARIO ALEQUIN/INFPHOTO.COM

Even before becoming tight pals, Swift and Blake Lively shared a similar fashion sense. Within weeks of each other, the “Delicate” singer and Gossip Girl actress were seen wearing the same blue Tibi dress during separate outings in N.Y.C. While Swift accessorized with a skinny belt, Lively made a bold fashion statement with cheetah print heels.

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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s Identical Heart-Shaped Ring

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Blake Lively and Taylor Swift wearing a heart-shaped Retrouvai ring.BLAKE LIVELY/INSTAGRAM; TAYLOR SWIFT/YOUTBE

Lively dropped a Swiftie Easter egg by wearing a heart-shaped Retrouvai ring during an outing at the Empire State Building in November 2021. Swift was then seen wearing the exact same ring during her “I Bet You Think About Me” music video, which was directed by Lively.

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Taylor Swift, Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid’s Identical Patriotic Onesies

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Martha Hunt, Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift wearing patriotic onesies.GIGI HADID/INSTAGRAM

For her annual Fourth of July bash in 2015, Swift went all out by wearing the same patriotic onesie as her friends, including Joe and Nick Jonas, Haim, Martha Hunt, and Gigi Hadid. The latter shared a cute photo of their matching moment, writing on Instagram, “star spangled blondies.”

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Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid’s Identical Swimsuits

Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift wearing patriotic swimsuits. INSTAGRAM

Swift and her friends were fashion goals yet again as they wore matching swimsuits for her annual Fourth of July party in 2016. The singer and Hadid were seen wearing the same Solid and Striped one-piece, while Cara Delevingne donned a similar two-piece by the brand.

Taylor Swift and Haim’s Lookalike Leather Pants

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Taylor Swift and Haim wearing matching black ensembles.HAIM/INSTAGRAM

During her surprise appearance at Haim’s London concert in July 2022, Swift proved she could be the fourth Haim sister by donning a buckled Louis Vuitton crop top and matching black leather pants, similar to her pals’ stage attire. Following the show, Swift posted a fun TikTok about the matching looks — set to the tune of the children’s song “Copycat” — writing, “Hitting copypaste on your friends’ looks like @haimtheband.”

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Taylor Swift and Lively’s Identical Rainbow Sweater

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift
Blake Lively and Taylor Swift wearing a Marc Jacobs rainbow sweater.SESAME STREET/ YOUTUBE; METRO/ YOUTUBE

In partnership with DIRECTV NOW, Swift recorded a hilarious commercial in which she was seen wearing a Marc Jacobs rainbow sweater while riding a cat unicorn that looked like her pet Olivia. Just a month before, Lively wore the same sweater as she made an appearance on Sesame Street, complete with a rainbow skirt to match.

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Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner’s Identical Black Gown

Sophie Turner Taylor Swift dress
Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift wearing a Alexandre Vauthier gown. MIKE DELEASA/INSTAGRAM; ALBERTO E. RODRIGUEZ/WIREIMAGE

When Sophie Turner wore a sexy black gown to Joe Jonas‘ James Bond-themed 30th birthday bash in 2019, eagle-eyed Swifties immediately got fashion flashbacks. The same Alexandre Vauthier gown was previously worn by Swift at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.

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Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello’s Identical Concert Look

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift wearing a Marina Toybina two-piece set.JOHN MEDINA/LP5/GETTY

For a surprise performance with Fifth Harmony at her 1989 World Tour, Swift donned the same custom Marina Toybina two-piece as Camila Cabello, who would later go on to open for the singer during her Reputation Stadium Tour. In fact, Swift later confirmed that the outfit was pulled right from Cabello’s closet!

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s Similar Black Dresses

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift wearing black and white dresses.ELLEN; GETTY

In 2014, Swift and Gomez sported similar black and white dresses during two separate appearances on Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Though the dresses looked strikingly similar, they were actually by different designers — Swift’s was by Cynthia Steffe, while Gomez wore a Victoria Beckham dress.

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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s Similar Pinstripe Set

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Blake Lively and Taylor Swift wearing pinstripe suits.COURTESY EVERETT COLLECTION; GETTY

As Swift promoted her “All Too Well” short film at the 2022 Tribeca Festival in a fashionable pinstripe two-piece, fans immediately drew parallels to Lively’s A Simple Favor character, who donned a similar outfit. However, Swift’s look was by Max Mara, while Lively’s was a Ralph Lauren suit.

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s Similar Metallic Bodysuits

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift wearing metallic bodysuits.GETTY

Swift and Gomez were matching in metallic as they both performed at the 2019 American Music Awards. While Gomez opened the show in a sparkling silver bodysuit, Swift wore a similar gold bodysuit as she performed a medley to celebrate her artist of the decade award.

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Taylor Swift and Blake Lively’s Similar Gold Jumpsuits

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Blake Lively and Taylor Swift wearing gold jumpsuits.GIOVANNI RUFINO/©CW NETWORK/COURTESY EVERETT COLLECTION;GETTY

Swift seemed to channel her inner Serena van der Woodsen as she attended the 2022 American Music Awards in a gold jumpsuit with fluffy curls. Gossip Girl fans immediately noted how the look bore a striking resemblance to an outfit Lively previously donned on The CW show — right down to the disco-inspired hair!

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’s Similar Concert Looks

Taylor Swift dressing like friends
Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift wearing similar concert looks at the 1989 World Tour. CHRISTOPHER POLK/TAS/GETTY

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