A Decade Ago: Unveiling Images of the Conjoined Triplets Facing the Greatest Challenges

They reveal the photos of two of the conjoined triplets who survived the worst 14 years ago

The smile of these adolescent triplets express the love, perseverance, effort and hope of wanting to ʋiʋir, thank and enjoy each day… They are an example of improvement!

In December 2002 these triplets were born and it was a time of great concern for the entire medical team at the hospital. It is common for multiple pregnancy births to be accompanied by problems that are usually severe.

The birth of Mackenzie, Macy and Madeline is one of the rarest cases in the world of multiple pregnancies… Two of the triplets were conjoined twins. Macy and Mackenzie were united and shared legs and adomen!

This birth occupied all the doctors and nurses of the hospital, without limiting the efforts to guarantee the life and well-being of the girls. The prognosis was not very encouraging, they were subjected to many exams and deƄned to be connected to the hospital equipment with tubes and probes.

Unfortunately, the triplets’ biological mother could not take care of them and decided to give them up for adoption. It was inevitable that the hope of the medical team was affected and gave way to frustration at feeling that another gratification was added to this arduous task, the warmth and love of the mother was clearly very important to keep the girls safe.

In the adoption process, two angels appeared, Darla and Jeff Garrison, a couple who already had 3 sons, and they accepted the commitment of love to protect, care for, and fight for the three girls.

This couple did not have much money, however, they did not hesitate to change their style of life to a more modest one in order to have their protection and shelter for these little ones. They decided to accompany them at every step and embark on the long road towards the separation of the twins to give them a new chance at life.

These little ones felt all the support and love and they fought against all odds, achieving overʋiʋir.

The complicated surgery to separate the conjoined twins was performed in September 2003. It was a high-risk operation and was performed with extreme care, lasting 24 agonizing hours, but with a successful outcome.

You can see them in the following summary video:


When sisters Macy and Madeline were separated, they were left with one leg each, and the skin had to be stretched to ensure their wounds healed without proƄlem.

Here we can see them distracted in the hospital a few days after the operation.

The recovery and rehabilitation was truly amazing.

With the help of a prosthesis, the sisters managed to have a normal life.

With dedication, perseverance and effort, they learned to stand up for themselves!

They always enjoyed a good state of health, physical and emotional.

They have always felt the love and support of their family!

There are no limits to sharing family activities

Αnd at school it didn’t take long for them to make friends

They are daddy’s darlings!

In December of last year they turned 14 and are examples of struggle and gratitude for a new opportunity for life.

The Garrison couple, their children and the entire medical team are angels on earth who opened their hearts and gave these girls all their love, accompanying them every day of their lives.

Share with your friends the smiles of these beautiful princesses, they are the best examples of being happy and curing the adversities that may arise on the path of life.

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