A mummy believed to be that of Ramesses II, one of ancient Egypt’s most prominent pharaohs, has been uncovered in remarkably preserved condition

Driven by tales of an uncharted, gold-laden vein, Thomas ventures deeper into the treacherous landscape. Little does he know that the glittering prize he seeks is guarded by more than just the unforgiving terrain. The air becomes thick with an otherworldly energy as he stumbles upon an ancient cavern adorned with strange symbols.

Mummy of Ramesses II - Egypt Museum

Within the cavern, Thomas discovers a shimmering pool surrounded by statuesque serpents crafted from the purest gold. As he approaches, the serpents come to life, their eyes glowing with an ethereal light. Unbeknownst to Thomas, he has trespassed into the domain of the Mystic

Pharaoh Ramses II: History and Mysteries of King Ramses II

The Mystic Snakes, guardians of a forgotten era, reveal themselves to Thomas. Possessing the ability to manipulate shadows, they strike a precarious bargain with the prospector. In exchange for the coveted gold

Sarcophagus of Pharaoh Ramses II unveiled in Paris

Thomas must aid the Mystic Snakes in a quest to reclaim their lost power, stolen by a malevolent force that has plagued the wilderness for centuries.

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