Actor Vin Diesel through 9 Fast & Furious parts: From criminal to family man

In 20 years, “Fast & Furious” has come a long way with millions of fans around the world.

For 20 years, the soul of the brand – leader Dominic Toretto (Dom) played by actor Vin Diesel – has remained attached to “Fast & Furious”. The maturity of this film franchise is also the maturity of Dom and the latest part “Fast & Furious 9: Legend of Speed” will look back at the whole journey that made Dom the Dom he is today.

Race leader “Fast & Furious”

Right from the first part, Dominic Toretto was identified as the main character of the series and this position has not changed throughout the 9 main films of “Fast & Furious”. At the beginning of the series, the audience gets acquainted with Dom – a top street racer and a qualified mechanic. At first, Dom was just a criminal who specialized in stealing cars to support his family, but the audience soon realized he was not an ordinary gangster. Dom follows his own moral values ​​and the track has special meaning to him.

Vin Diesel shares about the change of character Dom in 9 Fast & Furious parts - Photo 1.

For 20 years, actor Vin Diesel has remained attached to “Fast & Furious”

Dominic once witnessed his father lose control of the car on the racetrack and die as soon as the car crashed into a wall and burst into flames. Dominic’s famous line captures his philosophy on the track: “I live my life on the 400 meter dash. Nothing else matters to me on the track. Not the mortgage, not the store.” , not my team and their bullshit. For those 10 seconds or less, I was completely free.”

From criminal to family man

But actually the most important thing to Dom is still family. His sister Mia and her family were the initial reason Dom participated in illegal businesses. His wife Letty was a neighbor girl that Dom was close to and considered family since childhood. Later, Dom’s definition of family also expanded to include brothers and teammates who lived and died with him. Family is the starting point and also what makes Dom do different things on the track.

Each part of the film is a time when Dom’s squadron members face danger or the family is at risk of falling apart. Through races and action scenes, Dom rescues and heals the family. The family element, although simple, is the glue that binds every character, every film and helps the “Fast & Furious” brand reach its 9th journey with a total global revenue of nearly 6 billion USD. “Fast & Furious 9: Legend of Speed” is certainly no exception to this topic, only now Dom has become a different man.

If before he could risk his life on the track with Letty and Brian with the goal of huge money in front of him, now Dominic has too much to lose. Dominic’s growing family also means he has more people to protect. After part 8, Dom had a son and his stubborn spirit of not being afraid of death had to replace his efforts to protect his family. Therefore, the racer who is not afraid to confront both drug lords and the most dangerous terrorists decided to retire and say goodbye to the feeling of excitement that he once declared as the reason for living life.

Vin Diesel shares about the change of character Dom in 9 Fast & Furious parts - Photo 3.

“Fast & Furious” reaches its 9th stage with a total global revenue of nearly 6 billion USD

But only “family” makes Dom have to plunge into life-and-death battles again. In “Fast & Furious 9: Legend of Speed”, the appearance of Jakob Toretto – Dom’s younger brother, who is determined to join hands with Cipher, threatens Dom and his entire family. Now he must face the decision to destroy his younger brother to protect those he loves, which also means going against part of his family-first spirit. What will happen to Dom when faced with one of his closest friends and most dangerous enemies? 

The answer awaits in the latest film of the franchise. Surely a fiery encounter with countless unimaginable action scenes will not disappoint the audience in “Fast & Furious 9: Legend of Speed”. The film is expected to hit theaters on January 7, 2022.

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