Alexis Swinney giving birth to her 5th child in the passenger seat of a moving car, right in front of her kids

Video of mom of four, Alexis Swinney giving birth to her 5th child in the passenger seat of a moving car, right in front of her kids, who watched on in shock as she delivered the baby with her bare hands while screaming in pain has gone viral. Alexis Swinney,25, always dreamed of having an intimate setting for a birth – but she never thought when it finally happened, it would be in the front seat of a moving vehicle!

On the morning of September 5, Alexis knew her baby girl was going to arrive. She had spent all night ᴄᴏᴘing with increasing ʟabor ᴘains, so she and her husband, Dominique, began planning for the big day. The couple dropped off their 7-year-old daughter at school and packed their three young sons into the family SUV to visit Alexis’ midwife before heading to the hospital.  Yet, as Alexis was checked over my her midwife, they discovered she was already seven centimeters ᴅilated – which meant the baby was coming a lot sooner than she expected. “I was in so much ᴘain. Once we got into the car, I was just trying to make it, I know my husband kept telling me we were almost there. I was thinking, ‘Okay, let’s try to stay ᴀlive and control this ᴘain right here.’ ”” Alexis said

Alexis began screaming in the front seat as Dominique did his best to drive her the 15 minutes from the nurse’s office to the hospital as quickly as he could. “I wasn’t nervous at all about the car moving because I honestly didn’t feel it moving, My husband wasn’t driving ᴄʀazy I told him to drive a little fast, but to make sure we were safe!” Alexis recalls

But as they approached the hospital, Alexis soon realized they weren’t going to make it in time. “The minute my water brokᴇ, I knew she was coming, Once her head started to come out, I got scareᴅ because I thought it was a butt – I hadn’t prepared for that. I haven’t done my research on brᴇech births, sᴏ I panickᴇᴅ. But then I felt her little ear, then I pulled her out!” Alexis, who asked her husband to record the birth as it was happening, recalls.

Meanwhile, the couple’s 3-year-old twins and their 4-year-old brother all looked on in awe as their newest sibling arrived in front of them. “They all three stayed completely silent – I’m not sure who saw what, but we didn’t tell them to not look or anything. It definitely wasn’t on my mind! Right after I had her, I caught my breath at the stoplight, and I turned around and I sat down and I told my husband he could slow down, that we were all fineIt was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever done, it was something I had always prayed about, having a birth that is uninterrupted. It was really cool to have my baby with my husband next to me and our kids in the backseat.” Alexis said.

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