Bangtan Revealed About Members’ Poor Family Background Before Debut

While others think that to become K-pop trainees, their families must be very rich, willing to spend a huge amount of money for their children to pursue their dreams. But in reality, not all idols come from rich backgrounds and receive comprehensive support to carry out the life of an idol trainee.

In particular, that was the case with some of BTS members in pre-debut. Before becoming the world’s top superstar like today, BTS members had to go through a long and hard time from childhood to being trainees.

In an interview with WSJ magazine, they briefly shared about each member’s family background and life before their debut. It is also here that ARMYs have a deeper insight into the efforts and dedication of the 7 boys, even though they each have a different starting point.

BTS are now the world’s top superstars with careers spanning over a decade and beyond. Along with what they have devoted to the domestic and international music scene, the current members possess the money and fame they deserve.

It is also a part of making up for the poor life of some members in the past and a sweet achievement proving the choices of some members are right even though it takes a lot of hard work to pursue. And in the interview with WSJ, BTS once told all the stories about themselves and their family in the past.

The live interview revealed more sides of BTS than the famous idols. The members are also open about how their pasts are. The stories of the past are their precious moments even though at that time, they had many difficulties.

First about RM. RM’s career is now almost a new chapter for him compared to what he had planned in the past as a student in Ilsan. Instead of pursuing his current pαѕѕion for music, RM once considered going to university to study journalism.

ARMYs also know that RM has great intelligence and a remarkable academic record as a student. However, RM also revealed that he quickly fell in love with music when he was only about 12 or 13 years old and that he also composed a song at this time.

At that age, RM showed great pαѕѕion for composing music but still maintained his stu∂ιєs as expected of his family. Having to prove in many ways and convince his parents, it wasn’t until he joined Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ that RM really started to make his dream come true.

However, when he recalled the first song he wrote before, he likened it to a ‘disaster’. RM joked, “I can’t even tell if the lyrics are korean”

Next, Jin began to talk about his life with his family as a child and specifically talked about a personality he inherited from his family. Although Jin has never directly mentioned his family background, ARMYs know that the male idol comes from a well-to-do family in the business field.

In an interview with WSJ, he said he was born into a family with a business tradition in Gwancheon. Jin shared, “My family is all in business, so they’re all good speakers”.


When hearing Jin saying about it, V also commented, “You’ve got your mom’s way with words”.

On the other hand, SUGA seems to have a rather hard life with his family in Daegu when his family is not so well off. Therefore, SUGA’s parents always hope that he can study hard to get through college and become an office worker instead of pursuing art.

If in another world, SUGA would have met RM as a colleague in the same department. SUGA’s father always encouraged him to pursue a career in journalism, while when he was young, he wanted to be a firefιghter.

However, all those careers were forgotten after SUGA learned about music and started his dream with sounds and instruments. SUGA used to live his dark days in a flooded cellar with old music-making equipment, choose between walking to home and eating ramyeon or using bus and starving. He also even got into an α¢¢ι∂єиt while working a part-time job after school hours….just to serve his goal of pursuing music.

But all that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dream. In addition, SUGA also shared that he was like most of the group members when he doesn’t come from a musical family.

The next member to share his life before debut is j-hope. He is a ‘dancing machine’ born in Gwangju and he does not follow in the footsteps of his father or mother.

j-hope describes his mother as a “very strong” woman who used to run an internet cafe. Meanwhile, the rapper’s father is a literature teacher. Since his family has no artistic вℓσσ∂, j-hope was initially opposed by his father, who thought that dancing and making art was a risky business.

But on the contrary, j-hope’s mother always cheers her son on and tries to provide for him to pursue his dreams. She even worked 2 jobs at the same time and accepted to work far away to have money for j-hope to attend the dance academy.

Meanwhile, Jimin is luckier when it is his father who has supported his artistic path from the beginning. Despite the fact that he was initially encouraged to learn modern dance and choreography in middle school, his father didn’t think that would be Jimin’s career later on.

Jimin once dreamed of becoming a p̾o̾l̾i̾c̾e

officer and his father advised his son to pursue a career as a prosecutor. But in the end, Jimin turned into an idol despite his teacher’s objections to giving up modern dance to pursue popular art.

After all, Jimin’s father believes that his choice will not make him regret and lets his son do what he likes. In the end, his dad was absolutely right when he saw the success that Jimin has achieved today.

Next, V is also from Daegu but his family is different from SUGA when “artistic вℓσσ∂ always flows in him”. Since childhood, V has always wanted to be a famous singer in his area. V also said he was influenced by his father, who once dreamed of becoming a star.

Although V didn’t say anything more about his father, Jin couldn’t stop himself from giving him a compliment: “Taehyung’s father is a very talented person”. When we look at the outstanding V of today, we all believe that what Jin said is true.

However, in order to have money to support V and his younger brother as well as help him pursue his art, V’s parents had to work far away and work very hard in the days when he hadn’t debuted yet. Even if he doesn’t have much money, V’s mother still buys him an expensive coat in the hope that he won’t be looked down upon when he comes to Seoul as a trainee.

Finally, the maknae of the group – Jungkook is from Busan and his family is also fond of art and music. Jungkook inherited his golden voice from his parents when they both loved singing.

Jungkook is also a multi-talented artist, especially gifted with painting while his brother is also famous for his artistic talent with impressive drawings. So we can say that he definitely has in his innate artistic genes.

With a bit more luck, Jungkook’s parents helped him pursue an artistic path from an early age by allowing him to participate in auditions.

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