Bonds Beyond Species: Pregnant Mom, Immobilized Pooch, and Rabbit’s Sanctuary

Pregnant mother without home, dog lying in mobile in small closet

According to the GoGo Rescue chapter, I received a call about the poor dog who collapsed in the street. everything was bad because viпieroп.

Your stomach is swollen. Initially it was coпfυпdieroп with massive tυmor.
I’ll take her quickly to the vet. As a result of the ultrasound, she has 2 babies in her stomach. She was paid more and was trying to hold on to life for her puppies.

She required major surgery. She said the surgery was successful, she only rescued the open puppy.
The mother dog is still weaker and is receiving treatment at the vet and is caring for the puppy; she pumped milk.

Be safe, God will bless mommy dog and her son. Thank you very much for saving these poor souls.
But if you see that everywhere this man is willing to be frivolous on occasions, and with great courage. But we see from all sides that at this moment, at the same time, the desire to be frivolous is precious and open.

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