Delving into the Legacy of a 5,000-Year-Old Crystal Dagger from Prehistoric Iberia.

A team of archaeologists discovered an ancient rock crystal dagger in one of the tombs in Seville, Spain. Experts believe this artifact dates to about 5,000 years ago; it can be a talisman for a wealthy person.

The dagger is 20 cm long, the sheath and handle are made of ivory. Researchers note that traditionally, such weapons would have been made of stone. For this reason, the artifacts found by scientists are considered extremely special and very valuable for archaeological research.

5,000 year old "magic" crystal dagger found in Spain - Photo 1.

A team excavating the megalithic tomb of Montelirio tholos from 2007 to 2010 discovered a very special dagger made from rock crystal. Experts say that to make this knife, the craftsmen used the “most sophisticated technique” ever discovered in prehistoric Iberia and it would have taken a lot of time and skill. to carve.

Stone crystals symbolize the vitality of ancient peoples, as well as connections with ancestors, so stone daggers have been discovered in many different places on our planet. However, this discovery in Spain is completely different, the material used to make it is far from what we are familiar with and until now, it is still unclear whether this crystal dagger was made for the purpose of making it. What’s the point, because it’s quite fragile.

In addition to the dagger, archaeologists also discovered many different types of weapons related to the excavation of the Seville cemetery, including: 16 arrowheads and 4 small sword blades found in the tomb, all The utensils are all made of crystal stone.

5,000 year old "magic" crystal dagger found in Spain - Photo 2.

“They may represent decorative items that were accessible only to the elite during this time period,” said the study, published in the journal Quaternary International. The association of the dagger blade with the handle made of ivory, also a non-local raw material but certainly of great value, shows the high status of the people who used such objects.” .

In fact, natural crystal is an extremely rare mineral, it has a value equivalent to gold and does not exist in Spain, so scientists concluded that the material to make This dagger could have been brought to Seville from a far away place.

Researchers believe that the owner of this dagger may have been a wealthy man who ordered a blade made of rock crystal. This special knife can be used as a decoration and emphasizes the special status of its owner.

According to some others, the dagger could have been used for ritual purposes. In ancient times, people believed that crystals accumulate power and bring victory. For this reason, crystal amulets have become popular, contributing to bringing luck, success and victory to their owners.

5,000 year old "magic" crystal dagger found in Spain - Photo 3.

Rock crystal arrowheads were also found in the tomb. There are 16 arrowheads in total, created by applying pressure, a process that involves removing small pieces along the edge of the stone

The excavation in southern Spain was a collaboration between researchers from the University of Granada, the University of Seville and the Spanish Council of Advanced Studies. Research teams worked at the site from 2007 to 2010 and published their findings in 2015 detailing the crystal armory.

The excavation project in southwestern Spain is the result of a collaboration between researchers at the University of Granada, the University of Seville and the Spanish Council of Advanced Studies. The tomb is located in the lowlands of the Guadalquivir valley. Researchers discovered crystal stones in 8 locations of the 44 m long structure with a 39 m corridor leading to the main space more than 5 m wide. However, delicate objects such as arrowheads and dagger blades are located in the south.

5,000 year old "magic" crystal dagger found in Spain - Photo 4.

The study said: ‘The making of rock crystal daggers must be based on the accumulation of knowledge and experimental skills passed down from the production of flint dagger blades as well as from the know-how of making two-dimensional objects. The smaller leaf surface is made of rock crystal.

The research team believes that the production process of crystal daggers is definitely based on accumulated experience passed down through generations and skills formed while making stone blades. The surface of the weapon was polished smooth, possibly to avoid cracks during shaping. Due to the size of the dagger, researchers speculate it was made from monolithic crystal that was at least 22 cm long and 5 cm thick.

In addition to weapons, the tomb also contained the bodies of 25 individuals. Several women and one man are believed to have died from poisoning. Their bodies were scattered around the grave site, along with offerings including ivory, jewelry, pottery and an ostrich egg.

In fact, discovering ancient artifacts made from rock crystal is not uncommon. In the past, French knights often attached pieces of crystal ore to their swords, believing it would increase their strength. In Tibet, people believe that crystal can help wounded soldiers heal and recover faster.


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