Donnie Yen: ‘It’s very difficult to answer who is stronger between me and Vin Diesel’

Donnie Yen appeared cautious when interviewing QQ about the fact that in real life, if there was a competition, he or Vin Diesel would win. “This depends on the situation. The results will be different if each person is in a different situation, for example, just playing or fighting to the death. This is very difficult to compare, like asking a lion and a tiger “If we fight, which one will win? Maybe it remains to be seen whether the lion is hungrier or the tiger is hungrier at that time,” Donnie Yen said.

Donnie Yen (left) and Vin Diesel.
Donnie Yen (left) and Vin Diesel.

The actor said he had not thought about competing with  Vin Diesel in reality. When working together to  film xXx : Return of

Donnie Yen praised  Vin Diesel as an enthusiastic person who likes to give gifts to friends. During the holidays, Hollywood stars often send messages to ask and congratulate everyone. The actor was very grateful when Vin Diesel praised him as a talented actor.

* Video: Chase scene between  Vin Diesel and Donnie Yen

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage  is the third episode of the popular action film series with the central character being spy Xander Cage. Both  Vin Diesel and Donnie Yen spent a lot of time  training  their muscles when playing their roles. The film premiered globally in January.

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