Fast & Furious final part: “Captain Marvel” Brie Larson suddenly joins the “speed family”

HHT – According to actor Vin Diesel’s confirmation on his personal Instagram account, Oscar-winning star Brie Larson will appear in the 10th and final film of the action racing franchise “Fast”. & Furious”.

Fast & Furious final part: "Captain Marvel" Brie Larson suddenly joins the "speed family" photo 1
Vin Diesel has succeeded in “wooing” Brie Larson back to the “speed family”. – Source: Famazine

Specifically, Vin posted a lovely selfie between him and Brie with the status line: “Yeah, that’s right. You probably saw the angel on my shoulder making me laugh so hard and exclaiming ‘Hey Captain Marvel’. It’s clear to see that this photo is filled with love and laughter. However, what you don’t foresee is that this is the character that will be introduced in Fast 10. You won’t know how great she is with this franchise. On top of her beauty, brains and Oscar is a deep soul that will add some new essential spices that you can’t foresee. Welcome to the FAMILY, Brie!”

Many observant audiences realized that the excitement not only came from Brie Larson’s unexpected participation in this more than 20-year-old action franchise, but it also came from the fact that male lead Vin Diesel did not hesitate to join in. according to the famous “family love” joke recently made by the online community. Because in every previous Fast & Furious movie , “family strength” is always what… helps Dominic Toretto’s gang of monsters overcome all dangerous difficulties.

Fast & Furious final part: "Captain Marvel" Brie Larson suddenly joins the "speed family" photo 2
The new member of “Dom’s family” promises to bring many surprises. – Source: JoBlo

So even without the return of “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson, the Fast & Furious 10 project will still continue to be implemented. With the addition of the Marvel actress, it can be seen that this brand still has a special appeal to even real Hollywood stars like Charlize Theron or Helen Mirren in the past.

Fast & Furious final part: "Captain Marvel" Brie Larson suddenly joins the "speed family" photo 3
Brie Larson is a multi-talented Hollywood star. – Source: WhoWhatWear

Another interesting thing is that even though Fast 10 will be the first and only film of this franchise that Vin Diesel and Brie Larson work together, after that they will have the opportunity to meet again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . future. If Brie is famous as the most powerful superhero “Captain Marvel” in the MCU, Vin is also the voice of the guardian “Groot” of the Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Fast & Furious final part: "Captain Marvel" Brie Larson suddenly joins the "speed family" photo 4
Captain Marvel and Groot are the central characters of Phase 4 MCU. – Source:

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