Game Day Delight: Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes Share a Sweet Victory Embrace



Taylor Swift ignored angry Baltimore Ravens fans on Sunday night, insisting she ‘didn’t do anything’ after they accused her of ‘ruining the NFL’.Kelce’s brilliance, however, left Ravens fans unhappy, and some of them took it out on Taylor, shouting abuse at her as she walked hand in hand with Brittany Mahomes to the afterparty.

Swift and Mahomes can be seen walking through the bоwels of the Maryland stadium in a video shared on social media, while fans yell at them.

While some were supportive, others yelled ‘you’ve ruined the NFL’ at Swift, who quickly defended herself and responded, ‘I didn’t do anything.’

Taylor Swift wraps her arms around Brittany Mahomes during the Chiefs' postgame partySwift (right) posed for snaps with the Kelce family - including Jason, Donna and Ed (left-right)After the game, Taylor took some abuse from Ravens fans but she quickly defended herself

Taylor’s mood appeared unaffected by the abuse, as she was photographed just minutes later with her arms wrapped around her new best friend Brittany.


Swift appears pleased with the outcome of the game in a series of photos posted by another of her friends, Keleigh Teller, as she celebrates with her Chiefs squad.

She is also pictured with Jason, Donna, and Ed Kelce, demonstrating how well she has integrated into her boyfriend’s family after only four months of dating.

Swift went down to the field for the first time after the game in Baltimore, and security officials directed her to her man.

Kelce, fresh off the field, enjoyed an embrace with Swift in a romantic moment captured by the world’s TV cameras, as the couple passionately kissed.

Swift appeared almost tearful as the couple took a moment to celebrate together in front of everyone.

Travis Kelce kisses girlfriend Taylor after leading his Chiefs team to a place in the Super BowlAmerica's favorite couple had a moment to celebrate with the eyes of the world on themKelce and Swift celebrated together after he led the Chiefs to an outstanding victoryThe singer will now travel thousands of miles to make the Super Bowl from Japan in February

Swift will now focus on four nights of her blockbuster Eras Tour in Japan’s capital from February 7 to 10, before racing back to Allegiant Stadium on the west coast for the biggest night in American sports. However, she is expected to make the trip and be there for Kelce.

She and Travis took center stage for the post-game celebrations, but during the game, the singer appeared frustrated after appearing on CBS coverage around the midway point. She was clearly seen saying ‘go away, please’ as the camera lingered on her in a VIP suite while advertising next weekend’s Grammys.

She’ll have to accept it on February 11, however, because she’ll be traveling thousands of miles to create the game. On her return to the United States from Japan, the 17-hour time difference works in her favor, and this will be Swift’s 13th Chiefs game of the season, which is her lucky number.


But, whether luck is on their side or not, judging by Sunday’s performance, Kelce and his Chiefs are going to be difficult to stop after a frankly sensational 17-10 victory in Baltimore – the team that most people thought was a lock to win the Suρer Bowl overall, let alone the game today.

Kelce scored a touchdown in the first quarter and went on to break Jerry Rice’s NFL postseason record of 151 receptions with another magnificent, career-defining performance.


Swift was joined by Cara Delevingne in the VIP suite, where she cheered on the Chiefs to victory. Jason Kelce and Travis’ parents, Donna and Ed, were also present.

Kelce kisses the Lamar Hunt trophy as he commemorates a brilliant win for the ChiefsThe Chiefs star took the celebrations into the locker room with his team on Sunday nightSwift faces a 17-hour time difference and it's a 13-hour flight between Las Vegas and Tokyo, where she will be performing the day before the Super Bowl

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