Grammy 2024: Taylor Swift receives the 14th golden trumpet in her career

 Taylor Swift won the 14th Grammy of her career at the 2024 Grammy Awards. When receiving the award, the famous singer also announced her plan to release a new album, making the audience extremely excited.

The 2024 Grammy Awards ceremony took place at Stadium in Los Angeles (USA) with the participation of a series of famous stars, on the morning of February 5 (Vietnam time).

Taylor Swift is one of the prominent faces at this year’s awards ceremony with 6 nominations. As expected by fans, Taylor Swift’s Midnights won the important category – Album of the Year.

Nominated in the same category as Midnights are Boygenius’s The Record , Miley Cyrus’s Endless Summer Vacation , Lana Del Rey’s Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blv d, Janelle Monáe’s The Age of Pleasure , Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS , SOS by SZA.

Grammy 2024: Taylor Swift receives 14th golden trumpet in her career - 1
Taylor Swift won the Pop Album of the Year category with “Midnights” (Screenshot).

At Grammy 2024, Taylor Swift won in 2 categories. Previously, in the Best Pop Album category, Taylor also won against Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Rodrigo, and Ed Sheeran thanks to the album Midnights.

Midnights is an album released in October 2022 by Taylor Swift. This is also the 10th album in the female singer’s career.

Talking about the album  Midnights , Taylor shared: “We all live with love and fear, in happiness and tears. This is a collection of songs I wrote in the middle of the night, a journey.” through pain and sweet dreams.”

Before the 2024 Grammy Awards, experts said that Midnights was the brightest candidate in the Album of the Year category. Stepping on stage to receive the award, Taylor thanked her fans and also revealed her plan to release a new album called The Tortured Poets Department  on April 19.

Grammy 2024: Taylor Swift receives 14th golden trumpet in her career - 2

Taylor Swift appeared on the 2024 Grammy red carpet (Photo: Reuters).

“I want to thank the members of the Academy for voting. I also understand that the votes of the Academy members also directly reflect the emotions of the fans.

I want to thank you, my fans, by revealing to you a secret that I have kept for the past 2 years. My new album will be released on April 19. The album is called The Tortured Poets Department . I will reveal the album cover soon. Thank you and love you,” she said.

The Grammy Awards took place for the first time in 1959. This is a music award organized by the US National Academy of Arts and Sciences, to honor artists who have made outstanding contributions to the music industry. music.

The 66th awards ceremony was hosted by comedian Trevor Noah. This year, three new awards were added: Outstanding Pop Dance Performance, Outstanding African Music Performance and Best Alternative Jazz Album.

Leading this year’s nominations is female vocalist SZA with 9 nominations, followed by names like Victoria Monét, Phoebe Bridgers, and Serban Ghenea with 7 nominations each.

Monét’s 2-year-old daughter, Hazel, became the youngest artist nominated in the history of the Grammy Awards when she collaborated with her mother on a song that received a nomination for Best Traditional R&B Performance – Hollywood. 

The 2024 Grammy Awards is recognized as a season that honors women when many of this year’s main categories focus on women, with the presence of talented female stars such as Taylor Swift, SZA, Olivia Rodrigo .

In prestigious categories of top concern such as Album of the Year or Song of the Year, out of the 8 nominated names, up to 7 works belong to female artists. At the same time, according to the statistical list of the most nominated artists at Grammy 2024, women also account for three-quarters.

Taylor Swift is one of the most famous female singers in the world today. In 2023, she was chosen by Time magazine as “Person of the Year” thanks to her brilliant success in music and became the first artist to be awarded this title.

According to Forbes , Taylor Swift’s current net worth is $1.1 billion. This amount includes $500 million in royalties and touring, $500 million from musical works and about $125 million from real estate.

Taylor Swift became a billionaire in October 2023 thanks to income from The Eras Tour and other musical activities. The 8X generation singer is the first artist to become a billionaire thanks to music activities, not entering the cosmetics and fashion business like other entertainment industry billionaires.

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