Heartwarming Bond: Shura the Dog and Roe Deer’s Friendship Flourishes at Crimea Zoo

In a Simferopol zoo corner, a roe deer, which is only a week old, was adopted by a dog. A woman brought the baby to the zoo. She said that she found him in the forest near her murdered mother and named him Benya, the Crimea.Comments website reports.

In the park, the cub was fed, but he did not stop whining. The local mongrel Shura responded to the “crying” and began to actively show maternal feelings – she already had experience communicating with adopted children.

– About two years ago they brought us a deer, and she adopted him. Now he is already big. And this time she began to lick the roe deer, she already has experience. He cried at first, but then calmed down. He lacks fur and warmth, he snuggled up to her, warmed up and calmed down,” said Alla Medvedeva, a zookeeper at the zoo corner.

According to her, baby roe deer are brought to the zoo quite often.

– Roe deer cubs in nature do not follow their mother. They sit in the bushes while mom grazes. And often and densely walking through the forest, picking mushrooms for berries, they see a roe deer under a bush, decide that it has been abandoned, pick it up and bring it to us.

But we can’t release him into the wild anymore, he won’t survive. But in this case, his mother died,” Medvedeva said.


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