Heroes Among Us: Saving Lives Beyond the Flames

A great hero, Andrew Klein is a member of the Santa Monica Fire Department in California. Marley, a helpless puppy, was trapped in a burning building with his adoptive mother when this firefighter intervened to save him. Billy Fernando, a photographer, was the one who took these amazing pictures after seeing the firefighters leave the building.

Fernando said to The Dodo:

The firefighter, Mr. Klein, was dashing onto the grassy section of the sidewalk carrying something when I was outside. It took me a moment to discover that it was a pet that had been trapped in the fire since at first I had no idea what it was. The dog was completely still and unconscious.

Ferdinand remarked:

“A minute later, he began giving the animal CPR.”

“It was an impressive moment.”

Marley’s adoptive mother was there at all times while the firefighter was fighting to save him, she was really terrified with the situation.

Ferdinand said:

“I was watching in horror.”

After spending around 20 minutes with the dog, it eventually started to walk slowly. The adoptive mother of Marley felt relieved.

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