How is the baby Luna Fenner with the strange birthmark that has touched the hearts of millions.

See how the ƄeƄé whose birthmark resembled Batмan’s mask looks like todayby Lucy 02/28/2023

The story of the ƄeƄé Luna Fenner, who was born with a strange birthmark, touched the hearts of millions of people in March 2019 when she was born.

The girl was born with a rare birthmark. The congenital melanocytic neʋus, which has the shape of a “Batmann’s mask”, is determined by an abnormality during embryogenesis. Thus, the enormous birthmark tormented 3-year-old Luna and her parents from her birth until a month ago, when a team of expert oncologists operated on the little heroine in Krasnodar.

“People have said more than once that it’s ugly and contagious,” says her mother, “but it’s the most marvelous, real, and beautiful of our lives!” she adds through tears.


Although the full cost of Luna’s treatment is many times less in Russia than it is in the US, the Fenner family does not have enough money to pay for the procedures. But just then a miracle happens: people from all over the world help and respond to the family, and just a few months after the promise of the Russian doctors, Luna and her mother move to Krasnodar.

To date, 3-year-old Luna Fenner has had 8 surgeries: both laser and skin. The last procedure was successfully performed in October. According to the oncologists, Luna coped well with all the procedures and she started running and jumping just two hours after anesthesia. Now the little girl only has a few cosmetic procedures left to smooth out the scars, after which she will be able to return to her home in the United States.


A real little heroi




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