It was thought that ‘civilizations’ made its appearance with Sumerians, about 7000 years ago.

Until about 20 years ago, it was thought that ‘civilisation’ made its appearance with Sumerians, about 7000 years ago. But few years ago, on border between Syria and Turkey, Göbekli Tepe and neighbouring settlements were discovered. Everything has changed since then.

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Oldest remains of Göbekli Tepe date back at least 12,000 years. Some monoliths found in ruins depict human beings dressed only in loincloths. But 12,000 years ago, humanity was in middle of Younger Dryas (small ice age). So, it is impossible for people of that time to have been walking around in just a loincloth. To be able to walk around dressed like that, temperature had to be mild. But last “mild” period before Younger Dryas ended around 110,000 BC, when Last Ice Age began. So at least some parts of Göbekli Tepe may date back to that ancient period.

At Göbekli Tepe ideograms were engraved, i.e., engravings that do not represent animals or things, but abstract concepts. These could be first example of human writing, at least 5,000 years earlier than that of Sumerians. Buildings at Göbekli Tepe are not made of wood, or straw, but are composed of limestone. Some pillars weigh as much as 20 tonnes. Inhabitants of Göbekli Tepe were able to build houses and villages out of stone thousands of years before Sumerians.

On a stone slab called ‘Stele of the Cranes’, people of Göbekli Tepe tell of an encounter between themselves and ‘beings from outside’, from sky, at same time that a comet streaked across the sky. Moreover, engraved tale alludes to a period of time when a comet bombardment wrought immense destruction across Earth.


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