Jason Statham: ‘There was a time when Vin and I had to ice each other’

The British actor recounted his memories of filming ‘Fast & Furious 7’ at the film’s premiere in Beijing, China on the afternoon of March 26.


On the afternoon of March 26, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel were present in Beijing (China) to launch the blockbuster movie “Fast & Furious 7”. This is also the last work of the late actor Paul Walker.


China is considered the second largest film market in the world, after the US, so Vin Diesel and the actors decided to come here to premiere the movie first, then return to Los Angeles for the global premiere ceremony on this weekend.


Jason Statham is the main villain in “Fast & Furious 7”. During the press conference, the British actor made the whole audience laugh when sharing about the fight scenes with Vin Diesel in the movie. “There were nights when Vin and I had to ice each other after fight scenes that caused injuries. Sometimes we even had to use canes to walk on set.”


Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are two faces appearing from part one of “Fast & Furious” released 15 years ago. Part 7 has many beautiful settings, including Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.


Michelle Rodriguez recounts her 15-year journey with Vin Diesel in this hit movie series and the latest action scene in the movie, when she wears an evening gown, high heels and has to fight female wrestler Ronda Rousey. .


Contrary to the strong, cold image often seen in movies; Jason Statham in real life is a very funny and often smiling person. He shared that “Fast & Furious 7” is the biggest blockbuster he has ever participated in.


Jason Statham and Vin Diesel joked on stage when they mistakenly took each other’s newly gifted helmet.


“Fast & Furious 7” will be released to Vietnamese audiences from April 3 – the same day as North America and many major markets around the world. This is also the first film to be shown in IMAX theaters in Vietnam at the end of April.


The red Lykan HyperSport supercar used in the scene where Vin Diesel and Paul Walker rush through high-rise buildings in Abu Dhabi was also brought to Beijing this time.


Before meeting the press, three Hollywood stars briefly appeared and interacted with the audience on the red carpet.

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