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Act now before elephants and pangolins are just a memory - Photo 1.

Condemn crimes, “revive” elephants and pangolins

With the messages “Buy an ivory, receive a retribution” and “Buy pangolin meat, receive a retribution”, phase one of the Stop Creating Karma campaign focuses directly on the spiritual aspect and the cause-effect factor. to expose unscientific beliefs about using wildlife products for peace or healing; At the same time, change awareness and prevent actions of target groups directly using products made from ivory and pangolins.

The second phase is followed by a campaign to “revive” elephants and pangolins. From there, the campaign calls on the community to take more specific action: Dare to say “no” to illegal acts to maintain and help restore the lives of elephants and pangolins.

Act now before elephants and pangolins are just a memory - Photo 2.

More than 2,000 condemnations have been sent to eradicate crime and give life back to elephants and pangolins.

” Preventing illegal hunting, trading and consumption and making efforts to conserve wildlife is a challenging battle, but not for everyone alone.

While wildlife conservation agencies strive to fulfill their responsibilities, the users themselves need to commit to more drastic action: Dare to say ‘No’ to the illegal consumption of wildlife products. wildlife so that traders and hunters no longer have the incentive to operate, so that crimes will be prevented, ” Director of Vietnam CITES Management Authority, Ms. Ha Thi Tuyet Nga shared.

Ms. Nga further emphasized: ” We still talk about a civilized lifestyle such as supporting not using single-use plastic products, not littering, and not lining up when crowded.

Not consuming products from wild animals is also a civilized lifestyle that should be widely supported. Only when everyone thinks and acts together can efforts to conserve wildlife, typically elephants and pangolins, be truly effective .”

Act now before elephants and pangolins are just a memory - Photo 3.

The campaign calls on the community to join hands to protect elephants and pangolins

The campaign calls on the community to not only “stop creating karma”, each person also needs to demonstrate through concrete actions to eliminate the consequences caused by humanity for pushing wildlife to the brink. extinction. Many people acting together will create a trend, forming a civilized consumer culture in the community.

The world’s wildlife population has declined by two-thirds in 50 years

Wildlife biodiversity is considered a vital resource for the existence of the earth. The extinction of any species in that ecosystem not only causes a chain reaction to other species, but also threatens the safety of humanity.

Specifically, food insecurity is fueling an increase in epidemics globally, affecting the livelihoods of billions of people on this planet.

They are entities that exist in nature, are nature’s property, but currently, the fate of wild animals is subject to human decisions. Within 50 years, through deforestation activities to implement unsustainable agricultural practices, industrial development, tourism, urbanization… causing wildlife populations worldwide to decrease by more than 2 /3.

Act now before elephants and pangolins are just a memory - Photo 4.

Media images call for protection of the near-extinct elephant population

Although Vietnam is ranked among the 16 countries with the highest biodiversity in the world, it is also facing a serious decline in wildlife species like other countries.

But the biggest threat to the lives of wild animals caused by humans is not only the shrinking of habitat but also the hunting, trade and consumption of wild animals and animal products. Illegal wildlife.

Vietnam is considered one of the major consumer and transit markets for products related to ivory, rhino horn and pangolin in the region.

Within the next decade, preserving wildlife, stopping and reversing the decline of their biodiversity is becoming an urgent task to save nature, save people and preserve our heritage. people so that they become more than just a memory.

Joining hands with USAID and CITES Vietnam commits to say “no” to the illegal consumption of wildlife products:

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