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In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is a powerful creature with a human upper body and a horse’s lower body. One theory is that they were created when people of the Minoan culture, who were unfamiliar with horses, first met tribes of horse riders and were impressed with their skill. Later, the Minoans created stories about horses.

Currently, scientists are still debating whether this mysterious creature really exists or not.

Echidna – Snake person

In Greek mythology, Echidna is half woman, half snake. This is the wife of the most feared Greek monster Typhon. Along with Typhon, the female snake Echidna gave birth to many mythological monsters such as Chimera, Cerberus, and Sphi.

Harpy – Birdman

Harpy in the stories of the ancient Greeks and Romans is a bird with the head of a woman. She is the daughter of the Sea God Thaumas and Electra – Princess of Argos. In legend, the Harpy is considered the source of destructive winds.

7 half-human creatures collected in legends, do they exist?

Centaur skeleton at the John C. Hodges Library at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Gorgon family

According to legend, the Gorgon accelerator has three snake-headed sisters, Stheno, Euryale and Medusa. Anyone who looks into their eyes will turn to stone.

Similar characters appeared in the first centuries of Greek tales, where Gorgon-like creatures also had scales and claws but did not have snake hair.


Mermaids in Greek and Roman mythology are depicted as goddesses with a human body and a fish tail who live underwater. Legends describe that mermaids have a gentle, kind, and helpful personality.

The most famous is the legend of mermaids in Europe. Mermaids are described as having beautiful beauty and captivating voices.

Minotaur – Half human, half bull

According to legend, the Minotaur was the child of Pasiphae (King Minos’s wife) and the Cretan Bull. A famous story featuring the Minotaur is about the heroic journey of Theseus to rescue Ariadne from the labyrinth in the underworld. Many people believe that this is the prototype for the Beast character in the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

Satyr – Goat man

Satyr is a famous creature in Greek mythology. Satyr has the upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat. If other legendary creatures are described as very ferocious, the Satyr is a very gentle creature and always brings joy.

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