Molly’s touching gesture: Little love that feeds the heart of the defenseless pig

Molly’s touching gesture: Little love that feeds the heart of the defenseless pig

It is the most united but unconventional family, as is common to see in animals and little in humans.

We have already witnessed on several occasions what the heart of a dog can hold, especially when it comes to taking in another animal in need, regardless of whether it is another species .

In this family who lives on a farm on the outskirts of  Immenstadt, in the German region of Allgäu, the most varied scenes can be seen.

Kittens playing with ducks, ducks getting intimate with geese, that’s normal in this peaceful place.

And in the midst of all this revolution of happy animals, you can also see a Border Collie dog named Molly. But the curious thing is that an adorable little pink pig with a black head walks on it .

It seems that they even match, the pig curls up around Molly’s body, where she seems to find true happiness.

The little pig’s name is “Rosa von Schwarte.”

Molly has become his adoptive mother, and without a doubt she is the best he could have ever had. Rosa looks for her breast so she can suck the milk, and Molly, as if she felt extremely proud of being able to give that gift to the pig, just moves her tail out of her happiness.

“Actually, I was thinking of raising Rosa with a bottle, but she wasn’t interested and went straight to Molly,” says Dieter Schetz, owner of the animals.

Rosa was barely 6 weeks old when, after fighting a litter of 13 siblings, being so smallIt was impossible for him to prevail and he could not feed himself. 

But Rosita was able to grow thanks to Molly.

«Dogs are social beings. But that a dog adopted a little pig is something she had never heard before,” says Udo Kopernik of the German Cynological Federation.

But what is really strange for her owners, although not for science, is that Molly, without having had a single calf, produced the milk she needed to feed Rosa. The truth is that dogs can produce milk nine weeks after ovulation.

So what Molly has is a false pregnancy due to her maternal love, much stronger, more powerful and exemplary than that of many humans . And the best of all is that as if that were not enough, her milk is much more nutritious than what a sow would produce, so it is great for Rosa.

There is only one small problem, and that is that Rosa has sharp fangs , so she will not be able to receive breast milk for much longer, since it would hurt Molly a lot. That’s why they alternate Molly’s milk with baby milk to see if Rosa grows as strong as her siblings.

Share this wonderful story so that everyone can learn about the borderless love of animals that do not distinguish between species. It is exemplar

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