She’d giveп birth to triplet boys after beiпg told iп FIVE scaпs that she was expectiпg girls.

A first time mum was left stunned to find she’d given birth to triplet boys after being told in FIVE scans that she was expecting girls. The mother, who was convinced she would be having two girls, even Gina spent over £500 on pink clothing and accessories to later find out at the 24 scans she is pregnant with identical boys.

She and her husband Craig, also 34, took their sonographer’s word for it and prepared themselves for the arrival of their babies, stocking up on pink clothing and accessories for their daughters.

They were stunned to learn that Gina was expecting identical boy triplets during her 24-week check instead of the girls they had been lead to believe she was carrying.

“I had a feeling I was pregnant with twins at the start as I felt terrible,” she explained.

“I had migraines and experienced blind spots in vision along with pregnancy insomnia.

“So when we saw two heads on our scan at 13 weeks, I wasn’t surprised but I was in total shock when there was a third.

“I had scans every week as triplets is a high-risk pregnancy. At 16 weeks we were told they are identical twin girls and one boy.”

Gina stated that she and Craig bought suitcases full of girlie clothing for their new arrivals, including girly bibs and dummies. The couple had even begun looking at girly names for the little ones.

Gina said that after growing close to her “daughters,” she was “devastated” when it was subsequently discovered during her 24-week scan that the females were actually guys.

Gina and her husband Craig, 34, who live in Frodsham, Cheshire, decided to keep the clothing in case there was another mix-up and their boys were in fact girls at birth.

But in April this year, Gina gave birth to her miracle one in 200 million chance identical triplets called Jimmy, Jenson and Jaxson.

The trio were delivered in one minute and 52 seconds, with Jaxon weighing 2lbs, Jenson weighting 2lbs 7oz and Jimmy the heaviest of the three, weighing 3lbs.

“The babies were born at the exact same time which is very unusual for triplets,” Gina said.

Looking back at her pregnancy, she says she can “totally understand” how the sonographer got the gender of her babies wrong for weeks.

“The babies would never sit still,” she said. “There would always be a leg or an arm in the way, so it wasn’t easy for them to see each baby from all the angles.”

Both she and husband Craig were sure the babies were girls too, so never questioned it when told the gender.

Gina said: “Even Craig, who is a dentist, and I thought they looked like girls too which is why I decided to keep all the clothes – just in case.”

The couple’s triplets spent 42 days in NICU before they were given the green light to head home with their parents.

Gina and Craig reveal that they now “couldn’t conceive” their sons being girls after expanding from a one-bedroom apartment to a five-bedroom house and buying a larger automobile to fit their family.

“We are beyond grateful for the staff who cared for our babies at the hospital because they wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them,” Gina said.

“Craig and I couldn’t imagine life without them now.”

Sharing an insight into what life is like with newborn triplets, the mum-of-three teased her house has become “chaotic”, as she revealed the pair get through 30 nappies a day, around 24 bottles and a “tub of formula every 48 hours”.

Gina teased: “They tag team who is awake so I have very little sleep but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Gina says she preemptively purchased many bags of girls’ clothing and is still keeping it in the cabinet in case she and Craig ever decide to have a daughter.

She said: “Some people may think I am crazy for considering another baby with triplets.

“But I wouldn’t rule out trying for a girl in the future!”

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