Star-Studded Bond: Navigating Through Taylor Swift and Emma Stone’s Friendship Timeline

Emma Stone and singer Taylor Swift arrive at the Los Angeles Premiere "Easy A"

Taylor Swift and Emma Stone’s friendship goes way back.

The “Karma” singer and the Cruella actress first met back in April 2008 at the Young Hollywood Awards and have developed a close friendship in the years that followed.

In addition to attending various public events together, including the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and Met Gala, the two have supported each other’s career milestones.

In September 2010, Swift supported Stone at her Easy A premiere, and recently, Stone attended Swift’s Eras Tour.

“I’ve known her since we were 17 and 18, so she hooked me up, which was very nice ’cause I know those tickets are impossible to get,” Stone joked to Vanity Fair about scoring tickets to the show.

“She’s a wonderful friend. She blows my mind,” she continued.

From the early beginnings of their friendship to what they’ve said about each other over the years, here’s a timeline of Swift and Stone’s friendship timeline.


April 27, 2008: Taylor Swift and Emma Stone meet at the Young Hollywood Awards

Emma Stone and singer Taylor Swift during cocktails at Hollywood Life Magazine?s 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards

The stars first connected in April 2008 as they both attended the Young Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles, hosted by Hollywood Life magazine. During the event, they were photographed at the cocktail party, both wearing purple dresses.


December 9, 2009: Taylor Swift and Emma Stone grab ice cream together 

Almost a year later, they were photographed grabbing ice cream together at Baskin Robbins in N.Y.C. ahead of Swift’s birthday.

At the time, Swift tweeted, “Photo shoot all day, followed by dinner with Emma stone. Then we wandered around a candy store like wide-eyed little kids,” per Just Jared Jr.


April 5, 2010: Emma Stone gushes about her friendship with Taylor Swift 

During an interview with MTV, Stone gushed about her blossoming friendship with Swift, noting what initially bonded them. “She’s so great! We’re very different, but she has such a sick sense of humor,” Stone told MTV News.

Stone continued that she was happy Swift was getting to share her funny side more with with te world: “People know … how hilarious she is. They’ve seen her on SNL. People are seeing it more now, and she’s so funny and she’s exactly who you think she is, and I love that.”

She also revealed that after connecting at the Young Hollywood Awards in 2008, they developed a friendship when Stone reached out to Swift about her music. “We met there three years ago, and then I listened to some of her music, and I wrote her an e-mail saying I liked her music, I swear,” she told the publication. “And then we started talking and hanging out.”


September 13, 2010: Taylor Swift attends Emma Stone’s Easy A premiere 

Taylor Swift (L) and actress Emma Stone arrive at the premiere of Screen Gems' "Easy A"

In September 2010, the pals stepped out on the red carpet together when Swift supported Stone at the Easy A premiere in Los Angeles, even giving her pal a hug for the cameras.


February 26, 2011: Taylor Swift and Emma Stone attend the Montblanc Cocktail Party

Taylor Swift and Actress Emma Stone attend the Montblanc Cocktail Party co-hosted by Harvey and Bob Weinstein celebrating the Weinstein Company’s Academy Award Nominees and the New Montblanc Charity Partnership

The following year, Swift and Stone hung out again as they attended a Montblanc cocktail party ahead of the Oscars.


February 27, 2011: Taylor Swift and Emma Stone attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Taylor Swift and actress Emma Stone attend the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by Graydon Carter

The following day, Swift and Stone snapped photos by the photo booth at the Vanity Fair Oscars party. During the event, they hung out with a number of other stars, including Gwyneth Paltrow.


May 2, 2011: Taylor Swift and Emma Stone attend the Met Gala 

Taylor Swift (L) and Emma Stone attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2011 Costume Institute Gala

In May 2011, Swift and Stone hung out at the Met Gala, where the theme was Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty.


June 3, 2011: Emma Stone reveals Taylor Swift played Speak Now for her 

While speaking with MTV, Stone gushed about Swift’s music, noting she was able to hear her album Speak Now before anyone else. “I was lucky enough to hear it pretty early on, so it’s so exciting for it to be out and own the songs instead of just be singing them [in my head],” she told the outlet.

She added that Swift is a “pretty normal girl,” and doesn’t let fame faze her. “She’s not [like], ‘I am one of the world’s most popular singers,'” she added.


August 7, 2011: Taylor Swift and Emma Stone attend the Teen Choice Awards 

Taylor Swift and actress Emma Stone speak onstage at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

The stars crossed paths again at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, when Stone presented Swift with the Ultimate Choice Award. After sharing a hug on stage, the two were snapped hanging out backstage.


October 2, 2012: Taylor Swift and Emma Stone hang out in Paris

As Swift filmed her music video for “Begin Again” in Paris, she was photographed grabbing lunch with Stone at Carette Cafe on Vosges Place.


October 23, 2012: Taylor Swift talks about staying in touch with Emma Stone

During an interview with Access Online, Swift opened up about her close friendships with stars such as Selena Gomez and Stone.

“I’m definitely a girl’s girl,” she told the outlet. “I need to tell my friends everything I’m going through. We have these big group texts where I’ll just, like, text them everything that’s going on with my day and one of us in New York, one of us is in Los Angeles, one of us is in Nashville or Paris.”

“It’s just so important to have people that you trust, and Emma and Selena and I, we’ve had so many things in our lives that have changed over the last couple years, but our friendship has stayed the same. So that’s really good,” she added.


July 4, 2014: Emma Stone spends the Fourth of July with Taylor Swift 

In 2014, Stone was one of the many people at Swift’s annual Fourth of July bash. The actress and her then-boyfriend Andrew Garfield were photographed with Swift and her pals on a boat as they enjoyed the holiday weekend.

“We made a giant slip-and-slide in the yard, we were running around the beach, jumping into the pool, cooked a giant dinner and played games,” Swift told PEOPLE about the party. “Everybody in the group was so happy. Seeing your friends all together, and seeing your friends bond and everyone smiling and laughing together was the coolest thing I could have expected of that trip.”


December 9, 2014: Taylor Swift supports Emma Stone in Cabaret

As Stone made her Broadway debut in Cabaret, Swift showed her support by attending a show with her mom.

At the time, Swift posted a photo of her and Stone backstage, writing, “Got to see Emma KILL IT in Cabaret last night! Every new project she takes on is even more excellent than her last, and it has inspired me since the day I met her 7 years ago.”


November 16, 2018: Taylor Swift attends Emma Stone’s The Favourite premiere 

In November 2018, Swift attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Favourite, which starred Stone and Swift’s then-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

“She and Emma Stone were chatting up a storm,” an onlooker told PEOPLE at the time. “Taylor just stayed by Joe’s side the whole night.”


March 17, 2023: Emma Stone attends Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

In March 2023, Stone attended the opening night of Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Glendale, Arizona. The actress was seen dancing and singing along to Swift’s setlist as she sat in the VIP section alongside the Haim sisters and Laura Dern.


June 6, 2023: Emma Stone talks about her friendship with Taylor Swift 

Emma Stone attends the photocall ahead of the Louis Vuitton Cruise Show 2024 ; Taylor Swift attends "In Conversation With... Taylor Swift" during the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival

Though the two have become more private in recent years, in June 2023, Stone made a rare comment about her friendship with Swift, noting how thankful she was that the singer hooked her up with Eras Tour tickets. “The concert was pretty amazing,” she told Vanity Fair.

“I was lucky ’cause we’ve been friends for a really long time,” the actress said. “I’ve known her since we were 17 and 18, so she hooked me up, which was very nice ’cause I know those tickets are impossible to get,” she added. “She’s a wonderful friend.”


July 7, 2023: Taylor Swift says she wrote “When Emma Falls in Love” about one of her best friends

As Swift released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on July 7, fans immediately theorized that Stone was the inspiration behind her vault track “When Emma Falls in Love.” In particular, fans think the song details Stone’s previous relationship with Kieran Culkin, who she dated from 2010 to 2011.

Though Swift didn’t name who she wrote the song about, she did confirm she wrote it about one of her best friends as she performed it as a surprise song during the Eras Tour, furthering rumors that the La La Land actress was the inspiration.


December 6, 2023: Taylor Swift supports Emma Stone at her Poor Things premiere

Taylor Swift

Swift showed support for her friend as she attended the New York City for the premiere of Stone’s new film Poor Things. Swift was seen sitting in the theater alongside couple Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse.

During the red carpet, Stone was asked about her friendship with Swift, including whether the singer penned her Speak Now track “When Emma Falls in Love” about her. Staying coy, Stone simply replied, “You would have to ask her.”

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