SUGA Expresses His Disapproval Towards V And Park Bogum’s Post On Instagram

A few minutes ago, V released some photos taken with Park Bogum in frαncє. Of course, the two caused a storm on social networks when bringing back a frame filled with beautiful shimmering visuals.

But not only fans are interested in the photo of the two together, but even SUGA can’t help but notice it. However, he seemed to have mixed opinions about the photo and immediately posted it on his Instagram story.

It’s rare for fans to see SUGA react negatively to soṃệẗḧing regarding his members and this time, it really took fans by surprise but the truth behind even made others ṩḧöċḳ:

As everyone knows, V has been in frαncє for several days now for his schedule with CELINE. Meanwhile, yesterday, BLACKPINK Lisa and actor Park Bogum arrived in frαncє to attend a private party of CELINE with an unspecified time.

However, it seems that all 3 had their first activities together in Cannes. That was a few hours ago, some photos from Naomi Campbell’s birthday party were shared on social networks. Fans went crazy when they saw V in his handsome visual as a prince, side by side with Naomi Campbell and BLACKPINK Lisa.

Not stopping there, V continues to wreak havoc on social media when posting a number of photos taken with both Lisa and Park Bogum on his Instagram. They are currently active as amba̾s̾sadors, so fans can witness many interactive moments between all 3 famous ḳöŕệän stars.

But most notably, there are 2 photos of V taking a selfie in the mirror with Park Bogum and completing a perfect double, fluttering women’s hearts. Fans are constantly sharing about it on SNS and commenting on how perfect their visuals are.

It seemed that this was just a story of fans discussing among themselves, but even SUGA had to pay attention to those photos. SUGA has returned to ḳöŕệä after several days of touring in the US and he is taking a rare break before returning to performances for his world concert.

That’s probably why SUGA paid so much attention to the photo of V and Park Bogum. Surprisingly, SUGA even retweeted the photo with some comments on his Instagram Story.

At first, SUGA, like the fans, had to say that the two were “So hot”. Well, SUGA sent V and Park Bogum praise for the visuals that millions of other fans are also crazy about.

But next, SUGA doesn’t seem to be satisfied with one detail in the photo – it’s the phone the two use while taking the photo. SUGA immediately expressed his disapproval as he continued writing: “But no iPhone, only Galaxy pls”.

This may seem unrelated to him, but in fact, it has been SUGA’s iconic moment for the past 1 month. Specifically, SUGA and BTS are currently advertising models for the Samsung brand and their products. SUGA is even the one who composes ringtones for the 2021 and 2022 Samsung Galaxy phones.

During his recent concert in the US, when doing a small event to thank his fans, SUGA approached the fans’ standing area to choose a phone and take a selfie with the phone. However, he rejects all phones made by iPhone and uses only Samsung and especially Samsung Galaxy to take pictures or record videos.

There was a moment that quickly went viral on social media when SUGA stood in front of fans who showed only iPhones, he said into his microphone: “This is Galaxy, no iPhone. So from now on if you guys offer me your phones, only Galaxy, no iPhone”. And even now, he didn’t hesitate to call out V and Park Bogum about using Samsung Galaxy.

Are the above reasons valid? But the fact is….SUGA doesn’t update anything on his Instagram and this is just a fan joke combining V and SUGA’s recent interesting events. Many other fans are also being fooled by this amusing and funny joke. Only about an hour after the joke was posted, it has already garnered over 100,000 views and 24,000 likes.

Fans couldn’t stop laughing and imagining SUGA’s adorable reaction:


– “sorry guys i’m funny and talented together so…” – Min SUGA

– I didn’t focus and immediately checked IG

– He saw and he evaluated 

– Wait it’s fake ? IM So SAD LMAO but it’s really fun

– I almost believed it lol.

– I thought it’s real & went to check insta

– I can’t with yoongs These days

– I need yoongi to see this lmao

– I wonder is that taehyung phone or bogum’s

– if it wasnt for the font, i would run so quick

– hahahahahahahahahahaha anyingggg

– He posted this story using iPhone emoji???? you failed


– I went to check his instagram. why would you do this ?


– I went to Ig to see it. I can’t believe I fell

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