Taylor Sheesh attends Taylor Swift’s Eras concert in Japan: ‘My Swiftie heart is so so so happy!

Taylor Sheesh attends Taylor Swift’s Eras concert in Japan: ‘My Swiftie heart is so so so happy!’

Taylor Sheesh’s “Wildest Dreams” just came true!


The Filipino drag artist who made waves for her impersonations of Taylor Swift finally saw her idol live in concert.

Taylor Sheesh, whose real name is Mac Coronel, attended one of the Eras Tour concerts at the Tokyo Dome in Japan this week.

Sheesh wore a floral dress by Robert Macdon Gayeta similar to what Swift wore to the 2021 Grammy Awards, when she won Album of the Year for “Folklore.”

Posting photos and videos, including one where she is singing along to the lyrics, as well as to Swift’s monologues, Sheesh began her Instagram caption, saying “WHAT’S THE FIRST LETTER OF JAPAN? JEYYYY.”

The artist added, “My Swiftie heart is so so so happy! This is my first time to see Taylor Swift and watched her concert live.”

She also thanked her best friends, fellow Swifties, and Japan for the experience.

Taylor Sheesh has made waves around the world for her jampacked performances as Taylor Swift, including her viral staging of the Eras Tour in Trinoma, Quezon City. She was featured on “Good Morning America,” Rolling Stone, Pop Crave, and Gay Times.

In an exclusive interview with GMA News Online, Taylor Sheesh said the international attention was totally unexpected.

“Hindi pa nagsi-sink in,” the 28-year-old drag queen said about her Rolling Stone feature.

“Siguro kasi sobrang pagod pa ako sa mga nangyari tapos may work pa ako, so hindi ko alam kung paano ako mag-re-react,” she added with an undeniable joy in her face.

Success has been pouring in for the drag artist, who also got her first billboard, appeared on “It’s Showtime,” became the endorser of an international makeup brand, and performed her first international show in Singapore.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift launched the Asian leg of her Eras Tour in Japan. She will also perform in Singapore as well as Australia.

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