Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce passionately kiss on the field after the Chiefs secured their spot in the Super Bowl, as she joins the victorious team in celebrations.

Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs have advanced to the Suρer Bowl, which means Taylor Swift will travel from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch her boyfriend compete for football’s ultimate prize on February 11.

America’s most famous couple hugged and kissed on the field at M&T Bank Stadium following the Chiefs’ magnificent victory over the Baltimore Ravens, who were pre-game favorites.

Kelce discovered his girlfriend while waiting for the AFC Championship trophy presentation in emotional scenes, and Swift appeared almost tearful as the couple had a moment to celebrate together with the world’s eyes on them. Kelce was overjoyed when he took the stage and took the mic, channeling the Beastie Boys and shouting, ‘You’ve got to figҺt for your right to party!’.

Swift will play four nights of her Eras Tour in Japan’s capital from February 7 to 10, before returning to Allegiant Stadium on the west coast for the biggest night in American sports next month.

She will travel thousands of miles to the game before continuing on to Melbourne, Australia, for the next leg of her tour, which begins just five days after the Suρer Bowl. The 17-hour time difference works in her favor when she returns from Japan, and Swift will be cheering on the Chiefs for the 13th time this season – her lucky number.

Travis Kelce kisses Taylor Swift after leading his Chiefs team to a place in the Super BowlAmerica's favorite couple had a moment to celebrate with the eyes of the world on themKelce and Swift celebrated together after he led the Chiefs to an outstanding victoryKelce scored a touchdown and set another astonishing NFL record on the way to victoryTravis also got a moment to cherish  with his brother, Jason, after a magnificent victorySwift watches on and smiles as the two brothers celebrate together on the fieldSwift was visibly emotional as she hugged Kelce for the first time in the moments after his winThe singer will now travel thousands of miles to make the Super Bowl from Japan in February

The singer will travel thousands of miles from Japan to the Suρer Bowl in February.

But, whether luck is on their side or not, judging by Sunday’s performance, Kelce and his Chiefs will be difficult to stop after a frankly sensational 17-10 win in Baltimore – the team that most people thought was destined to win the Suρer Bowl, let alone the game today.

Kelce scored atouchdown in the first quarter and went on to break Jerry Rice’s NFL postseason record of 151 receptions with another magnificent, career-defining performance.

Swift was joined by Cara Delevingne in the VIP suite, where she cheered on the Chiefs to victory. Jason Kelce and Travis’s parents, Donna and Ed, were also present.

Travis’ older brother was seen high-fiving friends in the suite after his brother scored touchdowns, but his celebrations were subdued in comparison to the wild scenes in Buffalo last weekend.

The two brothers also shared a moment on the field, with the older Kelce wearing a Chiefs wooly hat throughout the day as he cheered for Kansas City. Swift was seen in one heartwarming photo looking on and smiling as the Kelce brothers laughed together on the field.

They will all clear their calendars and travel to Las Vegas in two weeks as the Chiefs attempt to win the Suρer Bowl for the second year in a row, capping off a fairytale season in which Travis and Taylor have become America’s favorite and most famous couple.

Kelce is widely regarded as one of, if not the best, tight ends in NFL history, and he is now pursuing his third Suρer Bowl title.

Swift made her way off the field alongside Travis's father Ed following the celebrationsTaylor was also seen alongside Travis and Jason's mom Donna amid the celebrationsThe Kelce family, alongside Taylor, are bound for Vegas as the Chiefs made another Super BowlKelce kisses the Lamar Hunt trophy as he commemorates a brilliant win for the ChiefsSwift will now be heading to the Super Bowl as the Chiefs beat the Ravens on SundayTaylor Swift went wild when Travis Kelce scored an early touchdown for the ChiefsKelce celebrates after putting the Chiefs ahead with an early touchdown in BaltimoreKelce started the game superbly and Swift was clearly gripped by the drama in BaltimoreKelce was magnificent as Swift cheered him on - he and the Chiefs will take some stopping

Kelce was magnificent as Swift cheered him on—he and the Chiefs will take some stopping.

‘The Chiefs are still the Chiefs,’ Travis stated in brief remarks on the field. And believe me, you have to figҺt for your right to party! Believe it, baby; we’re going to Las Vegas.

Last year, it seemed impossible for the Kelce family to dominate the headlines any more than they did as Travis and the Chiefs prepared to face his brother Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles. Donna, their mother, hilariously wore a 50-50 jersey made of Eagles green and Chiefs red to the game.

But this time, with Swift returning to the game, Kelce’s star will rise even higher.

However, after dominating the game today in Baltimore and having a highly impressive season with the Chiefs, he does not appear to be concerned about the attention.

Kansas City will face the winner of the later game on Sunday between the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions.

The Lions defeated the Chiefs in the NFL season opener in September, despite Kelce missing the game due to ιnjury.

However, playing the Chiefs, who will be in their fourth Suρer Bowl in five years, on the biggest stage of all is a completely different proposition. For any team

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